Mission: Recovery v2.1.0

RecoveryAnd another updated for 6th edition. Downloadable and printable format is over here.

Recovery v2.1.0

Primary (15pts) – Recovery (see below)

Secondary (10pts) – Kill Points (see below)

Tertiary (5pts) – Have more denial units (pg. 123), in the enemy’s deployment zone than the enemy has in your deployment zone.

Quaternary (+1pt) – For each of your units at or above 50% starting strength, ICs and single model units (IE: Carnifex), with half or more of their wounds left and your vehicles that are mobile in your deployment zone.

Use the rules for The Relic found on pg. 131 regarding the objectives. Meaning, each objective is to be picked up and carried.

Kill Points
For each enemy unit destroyed you get 1 KP (kill point). ICs and dedicated transports are also worth a KP. Units that have fled off the board, or are fleeing at the end of the game, are worth KP. Also any units in ongoing reserves at the end of the game are also worth KP.

* If a mission is tied or neither player achieve it, with the exception of the quaternary, then both players split the points for that mission rounding up. Also, If you table your opponent (destroy his/her entire army), then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the missions. Tabling your opponent is not an automatic win, you still need to accomplish the missions.

Spearhead – The table is divided into quarters. Measure out 12″ from the board center; that’s the dead zone. The player who chooses deployment zones selects a table quarter and the other player deploys in the one diagonal from that. You deploy in your table quarter respecting the 12″ dead zone which you cannot deploy in.

Game Length
Standard game length (pg. 122), or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Night Fighting (pg. 124), Reserves (pg. 124)

  • TheRhino

    Just an FYI, The Relic isn’t a favorite objective of anyone. Apparently, in most games the relic is never actually moved, since it must be picked up by being in base contact at the end of a movement phase, and the limit on 6″ of movement ensures it never goes far.
    Not sure if that’s a real issue here, but it is a very anti-climactic mission objective,

    • It is a bit of a test. Prior I had it all written out, which was almost the exact same as the rules for The Relic, so I swapped that in. Before I also allowed you to move off the table with it but I cut that out. I was aiming to give some added interest without forcing play style. If it works out that way is another.

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