Mission: Special Ops v1.0b

This particular mission idea I’ve been tossing around for a while. I like the idea of both players trying to accomplish something different while preventing the other from accomplishing their mission. I feel it creates a very interesting dynamic that should keep both players on their toes. That being said, since I’m writing this for tournament play at the LGS I want to try and keep it fair and as balanced as possible. A mission like this we’d probably use for round one at a tournament, not later rounds.

Special Ops

You’re trying to achieve your mission while preventing the enemy from achieving theirs.

After deciding deployment zones, but before deploying, each player must choose two of the missions below. You must elect one mission as your primary mission and the other as the secondary and write it down. Do not show it to your opponent until the end of the game.

Battlefield Control – Hold more table quarters with scoring units than your opponent.
Domination – Get more kill points than your opponent.
Blitzkrieg – Have at least four units of any type in the enemy’s deployment zone.
Against the Odds – Hold the center of the table with a scoring unit.
Surgical Strike – Destroy all enemy troops and HQ units.

The primary mission is worth 2 points and the secondary mission is worth 1 point.

* NOTE: A single unit can only perform one mission. For example, if you take Battlefield Control and Against the Odds then a single unit can not claim a table quarter and the center, they have to choose which they are performing.

Pitched Battle

Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, seize the initiative

Calculate Results
Massacre – 3 points more than your opponent.
Major – 2 points more than your opponent.
Minor – 1 point more than your opponent.
Draw – Any other condition

* NOTE: If you table your opponent then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the mission objective.

Battle Point Modifiers
+1 if your least expensive unit is alive. This excludes dedicated transports and anything taken as an HQ allowance, IE: Command Squads could count since they aren’t taken as an HQ allowance.
+1 If you have at least one transport vehicle alive.
+1 for destroying the enemy’s most expensive unit.
+1 if you accomplish a mission that you did not select as primary or secondary.
+1 if at least one enemy unit to fled off the board.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, dude. I freakin’ LOVE this one.
    It really allows you to control your own destiny. No more “the mission screwed my army build!” whining post-event.
    One thing to consider is whether to allow a single unit to achieve more than one objective. For example, if you select Battlefield Control and Against the Odds, can a single unit squatting dead center single-handedly perform both victory conditions? I know folks pulled things liek that with the King of the Hill mission. They’d park one scoring unit in the center to get the 3 center points per turn, PLUS claimed it was in a table quarter for that point as well. Maybe just a brief blurb that each unit may only capture one objective or table quarter at a time, and state how the targeted objective or quarter is determined (dice roll, owner selection, etc).
    For the “least expensive unit alive” bonus point, I’d refine the definition of “HQs”. Does that mean independent characters only, or all HQ units (command squads, archon courts, etc)? It’s unlikely that a Command Squad will be someone’s least-expensive choice, but you never know.

    • Good points. The idea is that a single unit can only perform one duty so I’ll clarify that. Amazes me, what you said about the KotH mission since it specifically states you can’t claim more than one quarter with a unit and any unit on the center chooses to claim the center OR a quarter, not both.

      I’ll clarify the HQ bit too. It’s meant as something taken as an HQ allowance, so Command Squads are subject to the bonus point. I can’t say ICs though since armies like Daemons have most of their HQs without the IC rule.

      Glad you like it. I imagine it will go through some refinements with play testing, mostly the missions you can choose. I don’t feel any one of those are blatantly easier than another by nature; it comes down to what you have and what your enemy has.

  • I like non-congruent missions myself, and this is a good start. My thoughts:

    – Why choose a secondary mission at all, if it’s worth 1 point, and accomplishing any other mission is also worth 1 point?
    – The idea for blitzkreig is good, but the hard quantity of 4 makes it seem inferior to me, since it doesn’t scale at differnent point values. In a 1000 point game, that would be really difficult, though in a 3000 point game, it could prove to be too easy.

    • The points you gain for primary and secondary are used to see if you got a massacre, major, minor or draw result.

      Massacre – 3 points more than your opponent.
      Major – 2 points more than your opponent.
      Minor – 1 point more than your opponent.
      Draw – Any other condition

      So, to get a massacre you need to accomplish your primary and secondary with your opponent accomplishing neither. The Battle Points are bonus points you get added to your result. So, in the order of victory conditions above you get: 20, 17, 13, 10. Therefore, if you got a massacre and gained 3 battle points you’re at 23pts for the match. That’s just the format the LGS uses, not my devising, I just stick with the format when I write these.

      You have a valid point on Blitzkreig. I’d have to do some sort of scaling method that’s simple. I don’t want to have to break down how many units you need for all potential point level games, though I will if needed. I’ll have to consider that one.

      • OIC.

        It seems like a confusing way to handle things to me: Ok, depending on how many objectives you complete in the game, you get points. Later, we’ll add more modifying points to those points based upon whether you’ve completed other objectives, but before we do that, we’ll convert your original points to different points.

        Everyone understand? Ok, go play!

        • haha, you got it perfectly!

          Normally it’s not that way. A simple example would be something like:

          Massacre – Hold 3 objectives more than the enemy
          Major – Hold 2 objectives more than the enemy
          Minor – Hold 1 objective more than the enemy
          Draw – Any other condition

          The reason I converted primary and secondary into points was the ease of determining results, which of course you made sound confusing :P I didn’t want to have to say something like, “Minor – Completing your primary and secondary while the enemy only completes their primary OR completing your primary and the enemy on completes their secondary OR completing your secondary and the enemy completes neither.” Which is more confusing? ;)

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