Mission: Target Priority v2.0b

For July’s tournament at the LGS we’re changing up the scoring format. We’ve been doing a massacre, major, minor, draw system and are looking to change it up to a primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary system. Our current system is more about how thoroughly you beat someone where what we want to try should offer closer matches that are more fun. So, instead of writing new missions from the ground up, which I’m sure I’ll do at some point, I wanted to revise existing ones into the new format.

Target Priority

Primary (15pts) – Have more kill points than your opponent using the modified system below.

Secondary (10pts) – Three objectives using seize ground for placement. Standard objective rules; hold more to win.

Tertiary (5pts) – Destroy all enemy HQs.

Quaternary (+1pt) – For each elite and heavy support unit of yours alive and not in your deployment zone at the end of the game.

Modified Kill Points

4pts – HQs
3pts – Most expensive unit
2pts – Anything that is not a Troop
1pt – Troops

1pt – Dedicated transports AV12 or less
2pts – Any other vehicle

Points are not cumulative for a single unit/vehicle. You instead take the higher value. IE: if the enemy’s most expensive unit is also a Troop choice then you would get 3pts for destroying it, not 4pts.

* If an objective is tied or neither player achieve it, with the exception of the quaternary, then both players split the points for that objective rounding up.

Pitched Battle

Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, seize the initiative

* NOTE: If you table your opponent then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the mission objectives.

  • Eriochrome

    I would probably just change 1 thing.  I think the one point for dedicated transports should also have only defensive weapons.  Hate to see a mission that the rules push razorspam lists.

    • Hmm…worth considering. The weapons don’t change how easy/hard they are to kill though.

      • Eriochrome

        Given that you have the kill points scaling with HQ, most expensive, and non troop units which have nothing to do with how tough they are to kill and more likely how important they are to the army structure.  Heavy weapon mounted transports are going to be more valuable to the army than truly dedicated transports like rhinos or drop pods.

        Also you need to note that the most expensive nonHQ unit.

        • Valid point. The problem would be things like Trukks: AV10 open-topped with a S5, or S8, weapon, or things like Raiders. They’d fall into the 2pt category if going based on defensive weapons as suggested. I know my Speed Freek Orks give up enough KP anyway, nevermind making a paper-thin Trukk 2pts. I see very few things that wouldn’t be 2pts by this method.

  • Anonymous

    Is the Secondary to hold three objectives, or that three objectives are used, and you have to hold the most to win that one?

    • I should clarify that a bit. Yeah, use 3 objectives using standard objective rules, so having more wins secondary.

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