Monster March 2019 – Part 1: The Planning Stages

Monster March is upon us again, graciously hosted by Swordmasterofhoeth ( ) and with Monster march comes big beasties.

This year I have pledged the following models. I will provide notes on how I plan to tackle these as the month progresses.

Warlord Titan

The plan for this model is to make a representation of the mountain king. The mountain king is the chapter master of the Void jackals space marine chapter who is also a titan princeps.

As a space marine chapter the Void Jackals stand in a unique place. Their Chapter monestary sits atop a titan manufactorium which is maintained and operated by oath sworn mechanicum agents. The chapter produces and uses many classes of knight and titan chassis while providing a tithe to the mechanicum in exchange for the materials the manufactorium requires.

The mountain king is a ritualistic title bestowed upon a void jackal upon their ascension to chapter master. This name is derived from the name of the first Warlord titan to be used by a void jackals chapter master the Rex Monte. While the titan in question has long since been destroyed with only its head surviving, each chapter master will write their name upon its surface and assume its mantle. Renouncing their previous identity and becoming the mountain king. Upon their ascension the chapter master will select two of his fellow marines to become his hounds. These two will become a part of the chapter council and the king will use their knowledge where required.

Nakar Fel Tainted dreadnought of the bleeding wound.

Already undercoated but this model needs to be completed and MM is the best way to encourage me to act. He is to become part of my Dark heresy diorama project and as such he is tearing a human target apart. (Conversion in progress.)

KDM Dragon king

Another model where I got to the undercoating stage before losing drive, hoping MM will push me to action. This is the largest expansion model from Kingdom Death monster, Once I get him done I may paint up the dragon king armour survivors to mark the Dragon King expansion off of my expansive to do list.

And my inspiration and what I want to base my colour scheme on

This is the creature Orochi, from God eater 2.

Macro carid explorator

Not strictly a monster but it’s a big model that needs some attention having languished undercoated in a box for some months at this point. I think this model has been left aside due to the lack of opponents in my area who play HH. As there are no rules as of yet for any of the 30k mechanicum units for 8th edition 40k that option is blocked. (Beyond a homebrew ‘index’ I created to give the army a run. It was reasonably balanced from the few times I have used it. But most people don’t want to play ‘open play’ format games)

Armiger Warglaives

I have some 3D printed parts for these guys and they will be mixed in to provide some conversions so these Armigers look different to the norm.

If I manage to push through this mighty stack of items there is a final bonus model which could see some time in the spotlight.

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Ambitious as always! Looking forward to your progress and the Nakar Fel model is awesome. So much character on that one.