Monster March 2019 – Part 3: The Work Continues

Warlord Titan

I have painted the edges of the armour plates and have made a start on the weapons by giving the power claw its first pass of paint applications.  


Work continues on Venge getting him undercoated and laying down the base colour scheme as well as getting the armour trim finished. I now need to give the weapons another pass to bring them up to a good standard. I can do cleanup and final detailing tasks on both armigers and the warlord titan at the same time.

Nakar Fel

I have created blood/gore droplets out of PVA glue and have then attached these to the outside of the victim’s guts before applying the blood for blood god both to him and to Nakar. I now simply need to finish off the armour and the face of the ‘victim’.

I added blood to the arms, chest jaw, the bottom of his feet and his shins as due to the shroud of dark fire that boils around possessed dreadnoughts only freshly spilled blood would remain before being boiled away.  (The base will be finished later as he is a centrepiece for a diorama, and I want his base to match the surroundings.)

KDM Dragon king

Having grown bored of the weather not wanting to cooperate I broke out the brushes and started working on the orichi scheme by hand. It may take a bit longer but with the unreliable conditions at least I can make some progress on the model.

Macro carid explorator

I made a big push to make some progress on this model. As its pretty much a mechanicum land raider I can still use it for 40k (just change some keywords on the LR datasheet) So far I have got everything but the weapons painted up and ready to go. (the ‘sponsons’ have interchangeable weapons so I have a pair of lascannons and irradiation engines to paint up as well as the hull mounted graviton imploder. Its been a nice model to work on due to how different it is to the other models I have been working on.

Colour scheme

Undercoat > Black, Areas not part of the armour > Leadbelcher, Armour plates > Warplock bronze, Armour trim/tracks/pipes > P3 radiant platinum, Vehicle core and track detailing > retributor armour, lenses > Mephiston red.

This model was painted up to go with my mechanicum army where the only non-metallic colours used are on lenses, flesh and robes.

Bonus model

 If I have time, I shall be attempting to complete a bonus model for MM. When I ordered the heads for the Armigers I ordered another head…

And a knight kit to use as a basis for a little conversion. Starting with a knight Valiant I started working while my other projects were being painted. So far I have adapted the head I acquired (that is designed to fit on a normal knight chassis, I inverted the mounting point for the Valiant’s normal head before I used the extra piece the new head came with to fill out where the armour plate would usually sit.) and mounted an assault cannon into one of the turret mounts next to the knights head (The other will be getting a sensor system to replace the twin melta that normally lives there.)

For the other weapons I am not using the shoulder mounted weapons and have left the turret rings off the knight but have assembled 1 autocannon turret to act as an Icarus autocannon array. The flamer arm will be mostly unchanged while I have been working on modifying the harpoon launcher into a hekaton siege claw, before having some fun with how I can pose the legs on this model. As beyond the four fixed length pistons I see nothing that would stop me from being able to alter the models pose.

So while he is not technically part of ‘Monster march’ I’m going to try and get him done during the month as well.

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Great progress! Also, the gory bits and stuff have come out well on Nakar Fel.