Monster March 3 – Part 2: Progress is Being Made

Warlord Titan & armigers.

I am putting these three models together in a group update as they are all using my void jackals colour scheme and are roughly the same size.

The Warlord Titan (Rex monte) has been posted striding forwards into battle. Closing the distance between himself and his foes as I selected the power claw option (Purely for aesthetic reasons. As If I ever acquire the 40k scale one I would still get the power claw as it looks awesome.) to go with the plasma and laser blasters.

As this model is to be used as a representative sample for the chapter master of the void jackals there will be more gold added into his colour scheme when compared to those of a lower rank within the chapter.

Assembled with the armour plates started.

The first armiger (Nuntius) has been upgraded with additional communications equipment (from a leman russ kit) and has become a helverin with the addition of a jackal/wolf head and a pair of autocannons.

I also added a hunter killer missile rack to reinforce the long-range nature of the variant. (The hunter killer missile rack comes from the knight valiant kit and is a spare rack of oathbreaker missiles.)

The second Armiger (Venge) is a warglaive who while getting the second of the jackal/wolf heads has been given a more fitting melee weapon. I grafted the sword from a nemesis dreadknight onto where he would normally have his chainglaive. Due to weather issues the second armiger is still bare plastic and has yet to be undercoated.

You could use the Adeptus titanicus warlord as an Armiger proxy or as the basis for a conversion as they are very similar in size. (I wish I had known this beforehand as then Rex Monte may have ended up with a jackal head as well.

Colour scheme recipe

Undercoat – Black

Main face of armour plates – P3 radiant platinum > Wash – army painter blue ink (requires 2-3 or more thinned coats)

Armour trim – Warplock bronze > Weapon frame – Skavenblight dinge

Weapon metallics – retributor armour.

Eyes – mephiston red

Pistons – leadbelcher

Left hand shoulder pad is painted kantor blue and then has white jackal symbols added.

Other details picked out in complementary colours.

Nakar Fel

The model has been washed with thinned blue ink to pick out the runes, started working on the victim adding colour to the organs that Nakar has unveiled by ripping him in half.

I have started to pick out the Daemonic flesh and bone colours, I am intending to get everything else finished before adding the final touch.

Breaking out the blood for the blood god paint and having some fun with the bathing habits of an angry possessed khornate dreadnought.

I had thought about redoing the entrails of the victim but the more cartoonish nature of my initial conversion seems to fit with what Nakar is doing so I stuck with it.

KDM Dragon king

The weather has become my enemy as I was intending to mask out the patterns and then spray the guy black. But wind and rain do not play well with having to spray outside. So no progress has been made yet.

Macro carid explorator

Started working on the right hand set of tracks, laying down the basis for the colour scheme I am using.

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Nice progress. I like that blue metallic paint on the Armigers/Titan. Also, nothing wrong with a little Blood for the Blood God to sell the effect; just don’t bathe the whole thing ;)


Great progress on all models!

Thank you for such a detailed description, I have just updated the post about Week 1 with the link to your excellent post.

Keep up the great work, looks fantastic already!

stats DGDWH

I’m in trouble painting one bloatdrone, your’re doing many models, compliments! The blue on warlords is very nice. BFTBG color with a little part of black is always a good idea (also without black), and if you use some glue to make gore you’ll not regret it.