#MonsterMarch2 Planning

Monster March – The Planning Stages

For Monster March, run by Swordmaster over at Path of an Outcast, I thought I’d put forward one model that has been sitting in my projects pile for too long (years at this stage) and one newer model.

An Eldar wraithseer and the Phoenix from Kingdom Death.

This is monster march, so both are on my to do list this month.

Laying out the plan

Wraithseer first ideas – colour scheme

Main armour Dark orange

Armour edges – fade orange into white

Crack/calcified damage – GW baneblade brown

Helmet lens – White

Weapon energy glow – light blue/white

Underlayer – GW skavenblight, dark reaper or celstria grey

Spiritstones – dark grey/add cracked versions

Banner – burnt fabric effect.

Other ideas:

Add baneblade brown cracks in the material of its construction to show where the wraithbone has healed itself from fractures.

Also adding a spiderweb effect where a panel was struck by multiple weapon impacts.

Try to create a glow effect on the weapon and energy shield.

Pose to show him parrying the blow from an unseen foe with his lance held back ready to strike. Make it so they can be placed into a diorama like position with his opponent.

A crude plan using paint as a rough guide to where I want the colours to lay on the model. I took a FW image and simply added a small amount of colour onto the parts to indicate my idea. Once I have the model assembled and primed and start laying down colours this may change.

Story excerpt: (as told to curious younglings by an ageing Farseer.)

The tale of the wanderer is a sad reminder of the fall of the Eldar race. A smaller craftworld that was known as the ‘bastion that seeks the moon’ was caught in the path of a monkiegh fleet of considerable size.

The wanderer stood with his brethren as the enemy attacked. The enemy had seen through their seers conceal rune and with meticulous efficiency they tore through the small craftworld. The wanderer stood his ground before the world’s sole Webway portal as the enemy reached him.

The wanderer struck down all who approached and the attacks continued until only he stood standing surrounded by the dead. His wraithbone skin fractured and cracked from battle but even so he would not yield. As the enemy massed for another assault they separated to allow a cursed machine to stride forwards.

This excerpt is part of a small background story I have written to explain how a wraithbone construct can show lasting damage as normally wraithbone either heals itself or is restored by a bonesinger. (according to the Lore and background I could find) I will share more of my background story as I post updates.

KDM phoenix

For this model I wanted to veer away from a traditional phoenix colour scheme and instead base my colour plan on a bird of paradise

With this as my template the phoenix will be an interesting exercise in colour blending, washing and highlighting. So, the colour plan for the phoenix is as follows

KDM phoenix – bird of paradise colour scheme.


GW Mephiston red

Beak/Legs/Wing fingers

P3 Trollblood base

White highlights

GW Dark reaper recesses

Around beak/eyes

Black fading into green.


P3 Iosan green


Black rim, yellow iris, black pupil




P3 Cygnus yellow – fades to lightening brown towards wing edges.

GW Mornfang brown

GW Deathclaw brown

Upper body

P3 Cygnus Yellow

Sponge in traces of light brown around wings.


bright yellow fading into white.

I am also going to try to copy the tree in the image above for the piece that the phoenix perches on.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be welcome.

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Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Kenneth Raymond

Well so far I have built the wraithseer and undercoated the phoenix. (and cleared my painting area) So I should make some good progress this week.


The colours for the phoenix are really great. Looking forward that bird scheeme

Kenneth Raymond

It will be a challenge but if I don’t push myself I cannot improve my painting.


That’s right. Don’t be afraid to try new things. I is a marvellous feeling


This sounds very interesting. Looking forward to it.

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks Rory, I will endeavour to get as close as possible to my vision for these minis.