Mustering for the Standish Standoff: To-do list

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It looks like the Standish Standoff will be on November 23rd this year, not the 9th as I had feared.  I’m back in!  This means, of course, that I need to have an army painted by this time.  I’m planning on Rebel Grots (IG) with Ork allies.  I warn you now, the end of this post will devolve into rambling but for now let’s look at my army and what needs to be finished:

Company Command Squad – 2x Plasma Gun, Regimental Standard, Vox Caster, Chimera.  These guys have been assembled.  They need some green stuff work and paint.  The Chimera is partially build and still need quite a bit of work.

Warboss Grottrogg – Maga Armor, Cybork, Attack Squig.  Grottrogg is technically finished but not quite at the standard I want.  He’s low on the priority list but will get an updated paint job if possible.

5 Ratling Snipers.  These aren’t started yet.  They will be heavily converted models with a fair amount of sculpting.  They will probably be much cooler than they are effective…

Platoon Command Squad – Vox Caster, 3x Grenade Launcher.  These are built.  They need some green stuff and paint.

Infantry Squad 1 – Lascannon, Flamer, Vox Caster.  This squad is finished

Infantry Squad 1 – Lascannon, Flamer.  This squad is finished.

Veteran Squad – Vox Caster, 3x Plasma, Chimera.  These guys are built.  They need some green stuff and paint.  The Chimera is partially built and still needs quite a bit of work.

Penal Batallion.  I’m planning to use Necromunda models to represent a mercenary squad.  I painted them a long time ago but they aren’t too bad.  They’ll need re-basing and some touch up work.

Shoota Boyz – 20 orks with two big shootas.  Nob with klaw, bosspole, ‘eavy armor.  This squad is finished but may need a little repair work.

Slugga Boyz – 17 orks.  Nob with klaw, bosspole, ‘eavy armor.  This squad is finished but may need a little repair work.

Armored Sentinels – 3x Autocannon.  These need to be built.

Basilisk.  This is finished.

Leman Russ Exterminator with Dozer Blade.  This is partially built and still needs a bit of work.

Battlewagon – Deffrolla, kannon.  This is finished.

So that’s the to-do list.  I believe I can pull this off in time but it may be close.  I haven’t accomplished any hobby work in the past few weeks because I’ve been prepping my house for sale.  I just moved in with my in-laws until we close on a new house.  I’ll be paying my way by doing some home repairs that they have been putting off.  The house I’m currently planning to buy will need some work right away as well.  We’re also taking the kids to Disney for a week in November.  In short, I am going to be very busy between now and the Standoff.

To ensure I can be ready for the event I will focus on the two command squads.  With those finished I have the minimum requirements for an allied detachment.  I have plenty of Ork units painted up so if necessary I can switch to Orks with allied guard.  After that I will work on the veteran squad, giving me the necessary second troop to take guard as my primary detachment.  The two chimeras will come next to support the fresh infantry.  The Penal Batallion will be easy to knock out in an evening or two since they’re already mostly finished, and another troop choice will be handy.  I really like the idea of grot driven tanks and sentinels so I’ll probably do the Russ followed by the sentinels.  This leaves the snipers for last.  If I can’t get them done I’ll take a bit of a hit on comp for taking a second heavy without filling the first tier of my FOC but the russ will add a lot to the visual appeal of my army so I think it’s worth it.  I also have the option of trimming the sniper squad to 3 if necessary to get them done a bit faster.

Of course, this list may change a bit.  By focusing on the more primary units first I can leave myself time to switch around some of the other options.  With some luck I’ll get to play test the list soon so I can fine tune it.

  • That’s a beefy list but you seem to have prioritized it well so you’re not stuck having to get that all done in order to play. I’m working on something similar, a to-do list, yet I have to determine what list I’m playing first. I’m having a hard time with that because the more time there is between now and the Standoff the more I want to continually alter my list and in turn what I need to accomplish.

    • It is definitely to my advantage to have a good selection of painted allies to pick from. As long as I can get the bare minimum for an allied detachment of grots ready I can plug in enough orks to make it work.

      For the last two years I was in a similar position as you are, having to manage my list tweaks to avoid derailing my modelling/painting timeline. It’s nice to be able to set an ambitious goal but have a solid back-up in place!

      • Agreed.

        I could manage with any of my other armies but I keep using these to push my progress on Chaos, which had been dreadfully slow. Painting power armor is getting very, very old. Hell, too much of the same anything gets old.

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