My Contribution to Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff DayTo bring you up to speed in case you’re wondering what Old Stuff Day is:

Warhammer 39,999: Starting a Blogging Movement: Old Stuff Day – Rob had a great idea, everyone dust off their old posts and articles they feel didn’t get enough attention, or maybe you wrote before your blog became more popular, and put them out there. The date is March 2nd, so check it out and join the movement.

My blog isn’t all that old. I’ve had it up for about a year and a half but only started actually blogging about a year ago. I did, however, manage to dig up some older stuff I put up before most people knew about this site. These are in no particular order, well, the order I found them in digging through my archive. Let’s dig in.

What Does Your Gaming Record Say? – I’m a nerd for stats, no surprise since I’m programmer. Since I began playing 40K I’ve been tracking my gaming record over the years. Let’s say it’s not all that impressive to look at but does that mean I’m a bad player? So, this article goes into what those wins and losses translate into, if anything.

A Guide to Playing 40K Faster – There’s a lot of things you can do to speed up a game of 40K, or any table top game. This article does just that, shares my tips and experiences that will help newer gamers, and maybe some veterans, pick up the pace of their games.

Games Workshop – Downloadable Content – Let’s face it, 40K and WHFB are expensive games to get into. In the age where everything is digital why is it that GW is not moving with the times and increasing their player base through easily accessible content that’s, dare I say it, free?

The List – I wrote this one just over a year ago and I stand by it still. This is about people who sell off armies to purchase new ones because they become bored with their current army and simply repeat the process ad nuseum. Most of the time the boredom is their own fault.

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