My Posting Schedule

For a few weeks my posting abilities will be greatly reduced. I’ve got a few really large projects at work that require a lot of attention and leave me little time to get posts out. I usually get to work early and work on articles to try and deliver one a day but right now getting to work early is resulting is starting work early.

So, things will slow down for a while here but they won’t die out completely. Hopefully Kamui will continue posting up some hobby stuff and I do also have a potential author in the works. This potential author would handle doing WHFB stuff, which would be nice since neither Kamui or myself play WHFB.

  • Thor don’t leave us!

  • Best wishes getting all your work done and in recruiting a new author to your blog as well. It would be great to see Creative Twilight delve a bit into the WHFB world. Thanks to you (and Kamui, too!) for all the helpful material and insight you’ve provided.

    • Thanks. Hopefully I can make a big push in the next few days and be able to take it easy and glide to the deadline but we’ll see.

  • Good luck on all your projects. Make us your weekend destination!

    • I’ll definitely try to make the most of the weekends for getting stuff up. That being said, the big project is progressing along nicely and if the next two days go well then it should be smooth sailing, which would mean regular posting again.

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