My Top 40K Sites

We all have our favorite 40K sites, those sites we visit daily, weekly, or whatever your free time allows for. I wanted to share my top 40K sites and maybe you’ll find some new favorites. I’m not going to list these in any particular order since it would hurt my brain to really figure out which rank where, they’re all great sites! Without further ado.

Note: This is an old article, and while those sites still exist, I have a more recent article with a list of great wargaming bloggers. Also, the Blogroll has a large list of wargaming bloggers as well.

Second Sphere

This is one of the first 40K sites I came across when I got into the hobby. The site has some information and articles but it’s mostly about the forums there. Oh, and despite the name it’s all things 40K. It began as a Tau site and evolved into all armies and aspects, the name just stuck. What drew me to the site was the community. The people here are friendly and less geared towards the competitive play mindset that’s rampant on many other sites. There are of course competitive players there and if that’s your thing then you can still get the information you want. The difference is they won’t tell you that your list is worthless and there’s only one way to do something. If you want to be a part of a 40K community that’s friendly and casual then this is that site.

The Waaagh!

After finding SS (Second Sphere), I came across this site. Like SS you can find some useful info on the site but again it’s all about the forums there. This site is dedicated to…yep, Orks. It’s the premier site if you’re an Ork player. There’s lots of great information and the Mek’s Garage is full of awesome conversions and hobby related stuff. Like SS the community here is also great.


Once I got going in the hobby I wanted to make terrain and Kamui pointed me to this site. The site is for all terrain making, not just 40K. People are friendly and you can find a lot of tutorials and tips on making whatever it is you’re interested in. This site has proved to be an invaluable resource for me as I get in the mood for making more terrain.

Bell of Lost Souls

Unless you’ve been living in a hole then you know of this site. It’s one of the most popular table top gaming blogs going with tons of writers. The articles here range from tips on writing a list, strategies and tactics and even hobby related material. They do well to cover the gamut of table top gaming in terms of the games and things pertaining to playing the games. It’s also a great site for those tasty rumors that circulate around. I’d say they post up 3-5 new articles a day so definitely a site worth visiting daily if possible.

Blood of Kittens

This blog is a recent discovery for me but I know it’s been around for a little while. They seem to cover GW (Games Workshop), games and like BoLS (Bell of Lost Souls), cover a variety of topics about the hobby. So far I’ve been impressed with the material posted; it’s well written and thought out.

The Bolter and Chainsword

As The Waaagh! is to Orks, B&C (Bolter and Chainsword), is to Space Marine players. If you’re a Marine player, loyalist or not, then this site is well worth checking out. The amount of topics covered there is beyond comprehension. This is probably the most popular Marine site out there. They also boast a painter program that lets you work on paint schemes for Marines, Chaos, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Tau and Orks.

There are some other sites I visit less frequently but those are my top sites, the sites I usually hit every day.

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