Necrons vs Space Marines

Necrons vs Space MarinesWednesday night was the beginning of a Xenos vs Imperium campaign. Starting off at 1250, and building up to a total of 2000 I believe. The real idea is to try and build a modular list, or so Thor says. I have always just built the best list I could at each point level though and gone from there.

Each mission in this campaign has very different rules and other gameplay changes, the first week was dawn of war annihilation (not very different I know) BUT, all imperials couldn’t have heavy supports unless it was a tank (i.e. No Missile launchers :D ) and all xenos reserves could enter play via deep strike.

I played my Necrons of course, and this was my list:
Nemesor Zahndrekh – 185
Cryptek w/ lance+pulse – 55
8x Warriors in an Ark – 219
8x Warriors on foot – 104
3x Scarabs – 45 (x3)
3x Spyders, 1 claw, 1 shadowloom – 175 (x2)
Monolith – 200

Since it was dawn of war, I opted to take full advantage of the night fight, and Zahndrekh is just plain old awesome.

I ended up playing against a Vanilla marine player who was running 2 full tac squads, power fist and missile in each, one had a flamer, the other had a meltagun, two razorbacks, one assault squad with two flamers and a powerfist. And Cato Sicarious with a full squad of sternguard in a pod. More of a fluffy list I believe, and I think vanilla marines dislike the lower points.

The game itself was more of a massacre than anything else, my opponent did everything he really could to slow the scarab farm but in the end, his poor dice rolls and my thousands of dice overran his lines completely.

Turn 1:

I won the roll off, and opted for first turn, mainly to allow my scarabs a turn of build up in case he decided to get dangerous with his sternguard. When his army rolled on it mainly did squat, trying to see things that were too far away.

Turn 2:

After Zahndrekh gives them furious charge, I advance with big unit of scarabs, pouring both Spyders into them, and preparing to launch them into a squad of tacs that got too close. Monolith ponders forward, and starts whipping out particles at the pod, hoping to snag a free kill point, it scatters off and does nothing. Zahndrekhs Ark hovers forward and tries to kill the razorback for a free kill point, lance misses. Scarabs hit the tacts and kill all but four, leaving the missile launcher and three other guys alive. His turn, I pop SOLAR PULSE. Deal with it. his shooting is again not effective enough, he managed to kill one warrior with sternguard kraken bolts, who then proceeded to stand back up. the assault squad flies forward and manages to vape a bunch of scarabs with the flamers and pistols, pulling the front ones to hopefully deny the assault, but worse case scenario dragging his squad closer to my mcs. The combat happens, my scarabs manage to kill the squad leader, then all but 1 base from the unit dies to fearless wounds, allowing the assault marines to pile into 12″ of the spyders.

Turn 3:

Zahndrekh gives Scarabs furious charge, Spyders throw six bases into another scarab unit to guarantee the assault marines don’t go anywhere, just in case the spyders were out. Zahndrekh’s ark hovers into rapid fire range, the cryptek manages to hit and explode the razorback, killing FOUR marines behind it, the Ark itself then rapid fires into the unit killing another two. Monolith moves forward and explodes the drop pod, killing one sternguard in the process. Spyders and scarabs are in, they obliterate the unit down to two, assault marines manage to finish the other scarab squad, the two assault marines fall back roughly 16″ safely out of escort distance. I consolidate back behind a hill, to avoid eating bolters all day and preparing for the final charge to clean the rest of his board. He rallies his squads and attempts to deny kill points, running them further back out of LoS etc. Sternguard rapid fire into spyders, wounding on a 2+ and manage to put a wound on two spyders.

Turn 4:

Pumping three bases into the smaller squad and three into the other, Zahndrekh gives the bigger squad Furious Charge, Spyders and scarabs rush forward to fleet and 12″ charge murder the kill points before they get away. He does his best again, trying to bring down spyders since the scarabs are all locked in combat.

Turn 5:

Finishing the combat during his assault phase, I sweep over towards his other tac squad to try and finish it off, leaving his sternguard alive to spread horror stories of Scarab swarms.

Overall a fun game, the scarab farm build is just devastating, especially at such a small point level. His dice rolling was almost completely against him, out of 3 power fist sergeants only one ever got to swing in close combat.

I assigned vet points to the two remaining units of scarabs, one gaining feel no pain, the other furious charge. Now Zahndrekh can just permanently give the other furious charge. Next week is 1500, and I’m thinking of just adding the dead scarabs back in, a ScytheBarge, and solar pulse cryptek, which rounds me off at 1498 points.

  • Two full Tact squads and two Razorbacks? So he forced himself to combat squad? Never a good plan.

    • Lukas

       I disagree entirely, with the razorback, you gain the gun, and you can combat squad the missile so it can sit on your home objective, while the powerfist and melta or flamer go forward to deal with things. While I think this shouldn’t be all of your troops having one or two of these in a bigger game seem helpful. But then again, I don’t play vanilla marines :P

      • Razorbacks are useful tools, no argument. I’ve discussed this to death with Ming so I’ll summarize. Combat squads are a useful tool and gives tactical flexibility when it’s needed. Taking a Razorback with a full squad forces you to combat squad and not all situations require it, thus you lose tactical flexibility and can severely disadvantage yourself.

        Now, Razorbacks on 5-6 man squads, great. Razorbacks taken for units like Devs, again great. It’s all about applying it where it’s useful to gain an advantage, not to lose it.

        Back on topic. Your game sounds very much like how mine went. Poor guy’s dice rolls weren’t helping him and his newness to BA and unfamiliarity with Chaos just did him in.

  • Huge Metal Fan

    Excellent Battle report! I’ve read everyting you’ve written so far and it just keeps getting better and better! Huge fan, keep up the amazing writting!!1!

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