New Games Workshop Site Coming

Games WorkshopIf you visit the Games Workshop site,, you’ll notice it’s down for maintenance with some accompanying information.

I’m honesty kind of excited about it. The last site revamp they did turned it from a community-based website into a big sales tool. I’m really hoping GW has learned their lesson and this site revision sees them introduce a community element back into it. I don’t mean forums either but putting more focus on the blog (maybe allowing comments on the blog). Creating areas of the site that are resources to hobbyists, gamers, etc. Let the site provide inspiration to the community by making it a utility and they will see their sales go much further than they did before when their site was blatantly aimed at getting your money.

  • I do miss the old site… who knows, a relaunch of social media done right could do a lot to turn the company’s image around.

    • GW is certainly not stupid, despite what many would like to believe. I think they are definitely gearing up for a big relaunch and social media will be far more streamlined. I’m hoping anyway…

      • Nope, definitely not stupid, just ran into the same problem that many large companies run in to – becoming too financially driven and dehumanized. Companies tied as close to the public as they are can’t usually get away with it.

      • lol, feel like taking this back now?

  • Adding a bit more community focus would probably help their image. Allowing comments would give them free market research. Let’s hope they make some good decisions there!

    • Comments are really a pipe dream. As much as I would enjoy seeing them, I also know the potential shit-storm that would create on their site. They could do moderator approved comments but that would require several moderators where that is their full time job.

      • TheRhino

        Their Facebook pages are already spammed by jackholes and whiners, so comments on the What’s New Today blog won’t happen. I don’t see it being anything more than a redesigned cart and maybe an easier ordering plugin for Black Library.

        • Yeah, it’s just too bad. I completely understand why though.

  • The new site is up and it’s pretty flashy. As a web-store I think I like it. What I don’t see are the FAQ’s. Maybe they’re planning some kind of community support site in addition to the store where they’ll have things like that? It is probably pretty optimistic of me to even suggest it. Maybe they’ll add it to the blog?

    If this means the digital editions are the only access to updates or worse, that they’ve given up the effort completely, I’ll be very disappointed. I know they were criticized for their sluggish FAQ updates and their need to have them in the first place but at least they were putting some effort into it.

    • The site is a big fucking shopping cart…what the fuck.

      • TheRhino

        I’m surprised that you’re surprised.

        • Not surprised, just disappointed.

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