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Alpha LegionI have been craving a new project for some time. I have tried to keep plugging away on the white the scars but at this point I just have no drive to work on them. I still love the army, but I need to work on something else. The scars have been my only real army since 5th edition, I love them to death, but I need to play something a little different.

I recently took a listen to Legion by Dan Abnet, which has been one of the coolest Horus Heresy novels to date. My interest in the alpha legion took off, but figuring out how to represent them on the tabletop has been difficult as hell. The Alpha legion are basically the CIA/Green Berets of the space marines. They come in, turn native populations / races use them to help there own ends, show up then blow stuff up from out of no where.

Technically they are categorized chaos space marines, but they may just be in on the long con, it is impossible to know. So we need a group of specialized marines that can infiltrate. That screws the pooch pretty hard. Space marines can’t do it, you could use scouts, or use khan to scout, but other than that you are pretty limited. Chaos space marines book has jack squat. Buuuuuuut after some looking around I found the cypher dataslate. There is a fallen formation that gives your chosen units infilatrate. You have to have cypher, and 1-3 chosen. Big bonus they get ATSKNF! So that was my in. Cypher and 3 unites of pimped out chosen.

I am shooting for 1500 points, I am hoping to use this army for the upcoming Fratris Salutarium XIXI (however the hell you spell it Latin is dead for a reason Thor!). So between cypher and the chosen I need a warlord, I have 3 infiltrating units 1 with cypher, loaded to bare with special weapons, The idea with Alpha legion is that the battle is over before it has begun, so I am running a chaos lord for the warlord with terminator armor and 3 three units of 3 terminators packing combi weapons. The Idea being we have 3 units that can deep strike and 3 units infiltrating all packing a large number of heavy hitting weapons. This should allow for an appropriate attempt at a crippling strike to any well balanced army. (I am under no illusions of this being any good on the tabletop, but on paper we are getting close at least to how an alpha legion assault would function I like to think.)

From that composition we are missing the normal humans that the alpha legion would leverage to be their eyes and ears in a population. I’ve have been on the fence on the taurox, but some of these conversion kits look pretty slick. so two veteran squads sporting shotguns, flamers, meltabombs, stuffed in a taurox should give us enough flavor on the human side. Thats two relatively fast units that can put a dent in a large mob.

This is the first time I have ever looked at an unbound list. But I think it fits fluff pretty well and should be interestingly fun to play. It certainly isn’t over powered in my eyes. Lots of threats but nothing in the army has a ton of teeth on its own. Anyway any thoughts, I’ll be popping my unbound cherry, on principle I have stayed away from that, but I don’t see any other way to get away with it. The fact that guard can’t ally with chaos other than as come the apocalypse allies is a tab bit annoying. But I don’t see another way to make this army feel alpha legiony. They really don’t fit chaos nor do they fit anything in the marine codex well.

1x cypher
3xchosen (various special weapons)
1 chaos terminator lord
3xchaos terminators(combi weapons, chain fist)
2x IG vets(with taurox transports)

Oh and did I mention I have until may 23rd to make this happen? Should be exciting.



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With such a tight deadline I suppose choices need to be made sooner than later. The IG allies could be rough, ideally wanting to keep them more than 12″ from your army. Seeing as they are fragile, normally you’d want something like the Termies or Chosen to back them up but it’s risky. With that in mind, I’d just use them (as you probably planned to anyway), to hunker down out back on objectives while Chaos seeks the glory in the enemy lines.

I think it’s a cool list idea and should be a fun project, albeit one without the luxury of time ;)

Just a thought
Just a thought

Why not just use cultists for the human element?


Sounds like a cool list! Please make sure to post updates!

How about..
How about..

The Helcult could be fun for this? Helbrute and two blobs of cultists perverting a populace while your marines to the ‘wet-work’. Also I think you’ve missed a few tricks in the CSM codex, Huron and Ahriman both can provide infiltrating options, while a Drug Lord on steed can give you outflanking with Bikers or Spawn.


Good point. I think Huron would be a great fit for his list. The random psychic nature of Huron would lend well to Alpha Legion tricks and deceipt; you never know what’s coming until it’s too late.


IA 13 has rules for Renegades, which count as Battle Brothers for Chaos Marines. Depending on the upgrades you take they can represent anything from poorly equipped rabble to a well trained militia. They don’t get the Taurox so you would have to settle for chimeras but those can take an autocannon upgrade. You can also give the veterans Scout or Deep Strike.


I love the list in IA13.