New Recruits for the Rebel Grots: Conscripts and Tanks!

Hello all,

With the release of the new Astra Militarum codex I’ve lost the Penal Legion.  I was using Necromunda models to represent gangers gathered from the hives of Dakka and pressed into service alongside the Rebel Grots.  The stats and Desperado rules fit this nicely and it went well with my Rebel Grot fluff.  Now that they’re gone I need a new scoring unit to replace them.  I decided to go with Conscripts led by a Priest.  If you’ve been reading the Astra Militarum reviews online you know that they’re dirt cheap, scoring, and the Priest gives them Zealot (Fearless and Hatred) along with some other potential close combat buffs.  So they should be great on the table.  Just as importantly (for me anyway,) I think they fit my army nicely.  Nothing says Rebel Grots like a rabble rouser getting a bunch of new recruits all worked up and ready to lay down their lives ‘for da Revolushun!”  Viva La Grot!

To represent them I’m using a mixture of 2nd edition Gretchin, Battle for Skull Pass night goblins, and some old metal gretchin.  A lot of these are already based and painted decently enough so if I run short on time before the Fratris Salutem in June I can use them as is.  The rest are being put on bases to match the rest of the army.  They gain a little height from the slabs and I’m giving them the thick soled boots like the rest of the army but they’re new recruits so I am not going to give them the full treatment.  If I find time I do want to re-base the painted ones and swap some of their heads out to break up the uniformity.  For the priest I’m using the standard bearer from Skull Pass.  He’s good enough as is, other than the base, but I might try to convert him a bit.

IMG_6471 IMG_6473

Thanks to a very generous donation from Khorne Inquisitor (check out his blog, High Die 40k) I have expanded the motor pool significantly.  He’s moving out of state in a couple of months and unloading a lot of old projects that he doesn’t want to be burdened with anymore.  Other than the basilisk these need some work to replace missing parts but everything that is present is in great shape.  There’s a lot of stuff here I won’t have to scratch build!  Thanks again to KI for this fantastic contribution!IMG_6475

So that’s the progress I’ve made in the last week.  Not a huge amount but I’m plugging away.  I also managed to get in my first game with the new codex.  I lost due to a couple of poor decisions but was happy with how the army functioned.  I’ll put together some thoughts on this for a later post.

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Looks like you have less work ahead of you than I figured you would with the Conscripts. Can’t go wrong with free tanks either!