News: Celebrating 2-Years of Blogging

Blogging BirthdayThis month, two days ago actually, marked the second year of me blogging. As I’ve mentioned before I began this blog for commission painting in June of 2009. In January of 2010 I started blogging about 40K and eventually phased out the commission painting.

What’s happened in those two years? I’ve taken on some authors: Kamui, Amberclad, Stealthy Stealth and EvantheNoob. You likely haven’t seen a ton of articles from them but we’re working out a schedule and you will see them more regularly.

The amount of traffic we now see is way beyond my expectations. In 2011 our traffic increased by four times the prior year. That’s pretty damn significant. This month alone has been the highest traffic month the blog has ever had. It’s up 16% from the previously busiest month; not bad at all. We also average 3 comments for every article that’s been posted. It’s not a huge number but as any blogger out there knows getting comments is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Well, unless you’re a huge blog anyway. So, that average is an accomplishment in my eyes.

Going forward into another year will see some changes. As mentioned above, the other authors here will become more regular. This will not only serve to increase the amount of content here and give you all something to read besides my ramblings, it will take pressure off me to produce as many articles as I have over the past few years. I can then, hopefully, get back to posting the type of articles I enjoy writing the most, which are of course the most time-consuming to produce. We’re also looking for new authors here. Check this out if you’re interested.

If things go well we’ll also start seeing a new feature here, something we’ve never done. It’s not earth shattering or ground breaking but cool none-the-less. Likely this will be something you’ll see in the next few months.

Beyond that who knows what the tide will bring. I’m honestly just glad I can write about the game I’m addicted to and have people be interested in reading it.

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News: Celebrating 2-Years of Blogging
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