News: A Milestone and You All Rock

Milestone - You RockA lot of blogs mark milestones. Generally it’s not something I bother doing. I’m a very quiet person who is very modest with my own accomplishments, whatever they area. However, this milestone is all about the readers of this blog.

Despite the above, I do need to give some info to qualify this achievement. I started the blog on June 30th, 2009 as a resource for commission work I was doing. On January 29th, 2010 I began ‘officially’ blogging and putting up various articles. So, for the sake of argument we’ll say the blog really began 17 months ago.

The top commenters here.

In the 17 months I’ve run the blog my authors and I have put up 391 articles; an article every 1.3 days. Now, the milestone is that the blog has now breached 1,000 comments! 1008 Comments to be precise, at least as I type this. That means on average every article receives 2.6 comments and that 2 comments are posted a day. I feel that’s pretty damn good for this small blog.

Most of those comments have come in the past 11 months when I really began putting a lot of time and effort into the blog and promoting it as much as I could. Anyone who has ever run a blog can tell you it’s a lot of work and the more you put into it the more you get out of it. It’s accomplishments like this that prove all the effort is worthwhile.

For me it’s not about how many articles I produce, or even how many views an article gets. Of course I enjoy when an article gets a lot of views and some exposure but if people aren’t compelled to comment and don’t find the material inspiring or thought-provoking enough to remark on it then the article has failed. The true measure of a blog is the community it creates. It’s about having an atmosphere that people enjoy returning to and discussing your articles with you. If you can succeed in that then you’ve succeeded as a blog.

So, a big thanks to all the readers out there and most importantly those of you who take the time to comment. I know I wouldn’t be writing articles if it wasn’t for the cool people who visit here.

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News: A Milestone and You All Rock
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