Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day 2012: Our Contribution

Old Stuff DayToday is the 2nd annual Old Stuff Day! On this day we bloggers dig through our archives to find articles we want to resurface and draw attention to. Combing over a year of articles and finding the ones you want to put forward again is no easy task. However, I’ve done just that and below are those articles. Hopefully you find something interesting below!

Blogging Tip: Improving Your Traffic – I had done a small series, as the title suggests, on ways to improve your traffic. The series seemed to fall on deaf ears despite, what I feel, is a lot of useful information.

40K Beginners Quiz – The quiz series seemed to draw some attention but not a lot so I’m throwing this out here again. The series runs through all sections of the 40K rulebook and is aimed at newer players. That link will also take you to an earlier quiz series I did aimed at any 40K player.

Lessons Learned: Trust Your Gut – This is a short article about my realizeation that sometimes you just have to trust your own instinct in gaming.

Psychotroke Grenades: Don’t Believe the Hype – StealthyStealth did an article about why he feels that psychotroke grenades aren’t all that great.

Blood Bowl Lessons Applied to 40K: Pacing – Since I’ve been playing a lot of Blood Bowl I couldn’t help but make some parrelells with it and 40K. The lessons I’ve learned really apply to any wargame and this one is about the pace of the game. Really the article is more useful for newer players as vets will already know this.

Introspection: You Didn’t Try
– Another Blood Bowl inspired post that relates to any game. It’s about some gained insight after a game where I just ran the same old routine instead of trying for the win.

Blogging Tips: A Faster Loading Site – Another blogging series where I put a lot of effort into it to help you get more out of your site in terms of speed.

Tournament Missions – I’ve written a fair amount of missions that we use at my FLGS for tournaments. Over this past year I added a few new ones and the existing ones were all updated. Check’em out.

News: Celebrating 2-Years of Blogging – The title covers what this one is about. I was just a bit saddened by the lack of response to it.

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Warhammer 39,999

I agree whole-heartedly about the quizzes.  I generally don’t bother with online quizes, but those I found compelling, and informative.