Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day 2013 – Almost Forgot!

Old Stuff DayI damn near forgot about Old Stuff Day! Two years ago Rob at Warhammer 39,999 began Old Stuff Day. In short, it’s a day where every blogger showcases articles they’ve done over past year (or longer), that might have fallen off the radar, maybe it’s just something you’d like to bring attention to again, stuff you may have done before you gained popularity or just anything you’re exceptionally proud of.

The idea is to spread the word so that on March 2nd every blogger participates and the blogosphere is full of cool articles you might have missed. Feel free to link to Rob’s original article. There are also some banners you can snag and use to show your participation in Old Stuff Day and to promote it.

Old Stuff Day

The one above is even larger than you’re seeing it here. I had to scale it so it fit in my content area. If you save it then it will save at its full size. The one below is shown at its actual size.

Old Stuff Day

So, help spread the word!

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Warhammer 39,999

I knew it was coming up, but not that soon. You think I, of all people, would be aware, eh?

Sean Squires
Sean Squires

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll do a post about it.