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Old Stuff Day 2013: Our Contribution

Old Stuff DayIt’s another year and another Old Stuff Day. In going through our archives here for 2012 I noticed something. In previous years we produced a fair amount of editorials but this past year it was mostly hobby related stuff. It’s interesting to see how your blog changes over time.

Anyway, on to the articles I feel are worth promoting for Old Stuff Day.

Disciples of Twilight – This is my series on Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Marines warband. It’s my army fluff, which is always a work in progress.

What I Like About Army Composition – This is probably my only worthwhile editorial of the year. I know army comp is a touchy subject and I can go either way on it but when I have to work with army comp there’s things I enjoy about it.

Necron Strategy/Tactics/My Thoughts – This is a series that Lukas had started with the new/current Necrons. It remains a popular series on the site so I wanted to toss it out there again. Maybe some day Lukas will write some more…

Kamui’s Workbench: DIY Drop Pods – Kamui made some really great looking drop pods and I feel it’s worth checking out again, or for the first time as the case may be.

Kamui’s Workbench: Reaver’s Fluff – Notable characters, and what’s on the bench – Kamui did a post with some fluff of his bigger characters and I thought it was well done.

Reavers – This is Kamui’s series on the Reavers, his Space Wolf army. Lots of cool fluff to be found here.

40K 6th Edition Quiz – This was a long series going over 6th edition rules in a quiz format. When I do these they tend to be popular but this one didn’t seem to garner much in the way of comments or feedback. Check it out and see how well you do.

Thor’s Workbench: Magnetized Maulerfiend/Forgefiend – I went nuts with magnets and decided to show off my fully magnetized Maulerfiend that can be used as a Forgefiend. I really should come back to this and show the Forgefiend version now that it’s done.

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A lot of the strategy/tactics and other editorial stuff is explored thoroughly on the internet. In many cases I don’t feel I have anything to contribute in these areas that hasn’t already been stated well enough elsewhere.

Since you and I tend to avoid the GW color schemes and lean towards converted models we have a lot more unique material available on the hobby and fluff side.

Anyway, thanks for bumping my posts :)