Old Stuff Day 2016

I thought about doing Old Stuff Day in the traditional sense where I dig through some old articles, and find a few to spotlight. However, I thought I would do something different. I’m not entirely sure what that is as I type these words, so we’ll see how this turns out.

Creative Twilight was born 7 years ago this coming June. If you want to see some of my early painting, then look no further than my first painting commission. That was how this blog began, a means to gain clients for commission work. I knew my painting wasn’t amazing, but it was reasonable, and I wasn’t charging much.

I only did commission painting for a few months. I quickly realized that I was never going to paint any of my stuff again. Plus, the money wasn’t great either. This was back before airbrushing an entire army was a feasible means of commission painting. So, the amount of time put into the work, considering the return, just wasn’t worth it.

It was in January of 2010 that I actually started blogging about Warhammer 40K. My first 40K article was about the first tournament I attended. It was done in two parts. The second part of it is here.

I still remember that day very well. I somehow stumbled onto the fact there was a tournament that Saturday, and it was Saturday when I realized it. I mentioned it to my wife who told me to go and have fun. I had 30 minutes to pack and get there.

I had never been to a 40K tournament, so I was very excited and anxious. I had a blast that day, and that was when 40K really got its hooks into me.

It was after that tournament, and my subsequent attending of weekly 40K nights at the shop, that I really began blogging. I stopped visiting 40K forums, and began pouring that content into Creative Twilight.

At that point in time, there were really only a few big 40K sites. I thought I could strike out, take on a few authors, and become a household name. Unfortunately, it seems that Creative Twilight missed that boat. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get this blog to become a destination. If I couldn’t do it in a time when only a few 40K blog existed, I would say that chance has passed.

Still, I persist on. The fact is that I enjoy writing. I may not do it very well, and I may not have drawn that big crowd I always dreamed of, but blogging has become just as much a part of 40K for me as the game itself. I blogged when only a few people a week would see what I wrote, and I will continue to blog even if nobody saw it.

That got a bit gloomy. I told you I had no idea where this was going when I started writing it.

On a more positive note, the last article that was published, Top 7 Wargaming Blogs for 2016, marks the 1,500th article on Creative Twilight. In those nearly 7 years, I have personally produced 1,148 (including this one). That just blows my mind. On average, I put out 164 articles a year!

Well, there’s a bit of a mix of an Old Stuff Day from me!

  • Ah memory lane. Well done on the sheer volume of articles though, I enjoy them :)

    • Thanks, and as I said, I enjoy writing them. I do think I’m going to strive to make my articles less formal though and give them more personality.

      • Unleash the Thor!

        • Careful what you ask for ;)

          It’s funny. I swear like every other word in daily conversation, this includes at work. Swears are just verbs, adjectives, nounds, etc., like every word in the English language, and I work them into everything. However, writing in that way just comes off childish, and so I adopted a more formal style of writing. Not that my style is truly formal, but it’s not exactly casual either. I’ll have to find a median.

  • I think most of us aspire to be blogging juggernaughts but reality sets in pretty quickly :D (well it did for me at least :). The prob with the big sites is that very quickly they become monsters that are barely readable (such as bols etc) so I am glad yours is still the size it is and awesome. I always enjoy your articles so keep em coming

    • BoLS is my favorite punching bag when it comes to blogs. They’ve always been big, but they were once big AND good. Somewhere along the way they lost sight of what they were doing.

      I haven’t completely lost faith that I can make this blog big, but I’m also pragmatic. If it happens, great, if not then I can live with that too.

      • We’re niche within niche! Getting to BoLS levels is going to be a hard slog at the best of time. However, if you lay a solid foundation of great content and get some engaged readers (both of which you have), it’s only a matter of time before you are successful.
        In my experience, it’s very slow grow and you have to fight for traffic. Little things like your newsletter and encouraging your readers to share will all pay off. Eventually.
        Keep fighting the good fight. Otherwise there’s money to me made in get-rich-quick blogs and health supplements. Blurgh.

        • That’s always been my outlook: create great articles, engage with the readers, and eventually success will come. It’s hard to not lose sight of that now and then though.

          Yeah, if you really want to make money blogging then there’s subjects more suited to it. I’d rather write about what I love though then make money blogging about something I couldn’t care less about.

  • Brennan Barni

    In today’s world of online extremes, your achievements might seem to pale in comparison to the wild successes of the top 1% of bloggers, but I think you’ve managed to cultivate an excellent community that I’m proud to contribute to. Steady as she goes, captain!

    • I really can’t complain. It’s human nature to want more though. The community here is great. What the blog lacks in number of readers, it more than makes up for with great readers who engage with the blog.

  • Great article! Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and do a pulse check. I enjoy writing as well. I write all day long, since it’s my job and all, so my blog is deliberately unedited and off the cuff. I mean, of course I try to proof read, but I try not to get bogged down with revisions. I really do it for myself as a way to share my work and keep conversations going.

    Reading this reminds me that we all have our own goals. I think you’re doing a great job, and NOT being BoLS isn’t a bad thing, bud. Keep up the good work.

    • What is it you do for work?

      I certainly don’t want to be BoLS, but I wouldn’t mind their traffic, though I wouldn’t want their trolls either.

      • I’m a copywriter. I write for email, basically. And yeah, that kind of success brings a lot of bad attention as well.

  • I think everyone has that same aspiration. I don’t think it has anything to do with the writer, or creator, and everything to do with a very particular set of variables of which we have little or no control over. The most important thing is to do it as long as it is fun, and realize you have a group of fellow bloggers and friends who are excited to see what you are posting, and coming up with.

    • Oh, I do, but it’s hard to not watch the stats and be disappointed. When you pour hours of work into something, and so few see it, you can’t help but be saddened by it.

      • Stats are horrible in that way. Hard not to watch them and hard not to care. But to me it’s more disappointing not getting any feedback at all.

        • I agree 100%. I am not disappointed in the community here. Comments and engagement is one thing that this site seems to do well with.

  • That is an impressive amount of articles that you produce on a yearly basis. I’m approaching the end of my first year and might hit 80-85 posts. Which to me is pretty much. More than I expected to be honest.

    What I’m most impressed with is the generally high quality of the articles. Most are enjoyable reads. You manage to keep me coming back for more so I’m pleased at least.

    And regarding BoLS – it’s kind of sad to see where they are today when you remember where they once were. It’s like they imploded under their own weight and size. Oh well, all things turn to dust I guess.

    • My average has slacked quite a bit the past few years. It’s mostly the early stuff that keeps my numbers so high, when I was pumping them out nearly every day. I think 80-85 is a solid number for sure.

      Maybe some day BoLS will realize what they’ve become, but I highly doubt it.

      • Who knows, maybe they are exactly what they want to be. A huge site generating a ton of trafic, having all kinds of partnerships and flows of revenue. You know, that might be the goal. A way to make ends meet.

  • BenitoSenence

    I also enjoy this Blog. I typically watch videos on YouTube where my domain lies but you have always captured the feelings of the 40k gaming community in our area so I will faithfully follow 8)

  • Berman

    One of the few blogs I regularly read. I enjoy it a lot. Thanks for all the hard work!

    • I appreciate it.

      I need to get better about leaving comments on your blog. I read stuff, but I just dislike Blogger’s commenting system.

      • Berman

        Yeah I don’t have any web-phu to change them. So I keep it simple.

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