On The Road to the 2013 Bay Area Open GT – Part one – The Hunt Is On

Bay Area Open
March 2013

HOWL to everyone from WOLFBROTHER Territory! Here in Reno/Sparks, Nevada we are in a constant state of preparation. 6th Edition has brought us nothing but fresh warfare in almost all manners. The MURDERfield looks nothing like it once did and we can’t get enough of it!

We are getting ready for the brutal and infamous Bay Area Open – 2013. If you aren’t somehow already familiar then check it out now!


sDm Kabal

The BAO and its brethren are the most no-nonsense GT level tournaments in the region. Even as 6th has wrought great chaotic change on our 40k world Team Zero Comp/Frontline Gaming has remained on the cutting edge. They present us with great challenge and delight with their contests.

The main man Reece of Frontline Gaming asks us how we are preparing for the event.  Besides playing as much 40k as possible and throwing ourselves against each other and any other generals possible as often as possible – The Wolfbrothers start with The Mission.  We will plan to game the mission and win the war…

BAO 2013
The Joy Of The Hunt

The Tournament clocks in at somewhere around 1750pts and along with its unique mission format will allow Forge World units.  It is important to mention that the Margin of Victory is absolute minimal with a straight-up win/loss/draw system based on 10 possible victory points each round.  With very few “expert-hat” modifications to the 6th edition game, this GT format is a dreamland in the current early 6e era.

Right now we play the mission and reflect. The great 40k off season is upon us and only the best will keep up their edge. Mobilizing the Wolfbrothers is no easy task. Each and every individual General must be approached atop his great mountain where he is undoubtedly sparring endlessly. Men of little words they will grunt and taunt harshly at any proposition until you get to the juicy joy of hunting, Murder and GLORY. That last one gets them every time.  Battle and Immortality!

terrain 2
WIP Bay Area Open style LOS blocking terrain.

Hopefully as we get pumped for this massive event our harsh words and disrespectful attitude will spur you into a higher level of readiness but we can’t drink the water for you!  As usual we have you crawling through the mud and barbed wire while firing psycannon over your head. That’s just the beginning of course – Get familiar with the mission and we will move on to List Building, GT Logistics, Training, The Metagame and eventual countdown to the Grand Tournament itself.

BAO Terrain
Train how you plan to fight: BAO homage terrain

Mack Martin of Dice Like Thunder plans to train for the event like it’s a marathon.  He has a philosophy, a montage, and a list revision already in the bucket.  Seriously what do YOU do to get ready for high level GT competition?

Team Zero comp drops must see battle reports as well as must read Tournament preparation, updates and analysis regularly. The Frontline Gaming podcast, Signals from the Frontline: is often real-time must have updates and info directly from the actual front-lines of the 40k competitive scene.


I will keep you informed to the Saga of the Wolfbrothers. We plan for nothing but MURDER on the tabletops always. Can you run with the big dogs, are you going to get in on the GLORY in Antioch come March 2013?


Death To The Enemies Of The Wolfbrothers!

  • General Oadius himself

    HOOOooooooowwwwWLL! General Oadius will be there. I’m bringing so much pain and murder to the tabletop it’s not even funny. I’ll also be bringing my cadre of stone faced murderers called the Wolfbrothers. Phuck a warning, I am straight up threatening anyone not wearing our colors.

  • JustHippie

    I died a little inside reading this article. My favorite Blog that has ALWAYS been upbeat and positive feels like it is sliding into the Abyss like so many other 40K Blogs.
    Poorly painted minis and zebra striped peanut cans just do nothing for me. 40K is a game but if you have NO interest in the Hobby why not play one of the many games where Modelling and painting aren’t required?

    • Douglas Bevard III

      Thats pretty mean. ‘Specially the hate on the mini paint, I mean how can you even tell and why do you hate them?

      The zebra striped terrain is homage to the GT itself – they use black and yellow striped LOS blocking terrain. The terrain is unfinished and is being used for the purposes of preparing specifically for this GT.

      Why the hate man!

      • TheRhino

        While I can’t comment on the mini paint, I can comment on the pics. At first read, I had no idea what those striped cans were. WIP terrain, obviously, but why was it included in the post? Captions under the images would be infinitely helpful.
        I wasn’t able to glean a whole lot of meaning from the article as an outside reader. An introductory paragraph of who you are and who you represent would be useful. There are a lot of groups and proper nouns mentioned, but we don’t know who or what any of them are.
        Just expound on your ideas before moving to the next thing, and you should be fine in the future.

        • Douglas Bevard III

          Will do, and thank you.

      • JustHippie

        I mean what I say, say what I mean and try hard not to be mean when I say it.

        “Poorly painted minis and zebra striped peanut cans just do nothing for me.”

        Is hardly Hate and simply an explanation of why I died a little inside. The mini photos in your post show a lot of airbrushed “quick and dirty” paint jobs to get the cheesiest Min/Max army GT ready with minimal effort and attention to detail.

        To each his own goes both ways, I enjoy this Blog for all the “other” reasons (ie. Painting, modeling, enjoyment, camaraderie, general FUN).

        “We plan for nothing but MURDER on the tabletops always.” is NOT any of those things, Sorry.

        • Douglas Bevard III

          The Dark Eldar army is not airbrushed or minmaxed. That pic is from a heavily comped tournament, and if you notice there are 4 heavies (part of the composition score.)

          The IG army in the background is almost entirely brushwork after the initial red armor. I dont get your criticism. (I want to – to improve of course)

          The sDm Kabal is over 5k points and can (and has) be used to build any size list for any tournament, GT or otherwise. The list pictured has 30 wyches and Vect, how is that minmaxed for GT?

        • Douglas Bevard III

          I dont think we are dragging anyone into the mud by trying to win. Everyone at the BAO will be there to win.

          paint wise I am obviously bias, but I dont think your breakdown of the paint is correct. its no where near the very best but The Dark Eldar army wins paint awards on accident consistently.

  • Reece Robbins

    an’t wait to have you guys again this year! Going to be so much fun.

    And we still plan on coming out to play you guys in a test match, we just got caught up with losing one of our crew and now the holidays are on us. We’re thinking January will work out perfectly.

    See you guys at the BAO and good luck!

    • Douglas Bevard III

      We understand Reece! We might even make it your way before you make it ours ;-)

  • stealthystealth

    I actually I like the BAO style. I also dont mind someone posting on here trying to draw attention to frontline gaming / Reece / BAO…. Fact of the matter Reece’s insight on forgeworld was one of the reasons I jumped on the bandwagon at our local store. (hippie you should like that since you beat the drum so loudly.)

    Call it what it is but a little cross pollination is good and this site needs more activity: also not every shop / club is as lucky as ours in having 30 nice ornate tables to play on with many skilled artists.

    That being said Frontline does put out some nice mini work. If you have not checked them out take a minute.

  • ming

    Nice seeing a new blogger here with a west coast perspective!

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