One Scratch Built Russ Ready to Paint!

Hello all,

It was a busy week but I managed to squeeze in a bit of time to work on my two Leman Russ Exterminators for my Rebel Grots army.  The first of them is ready to be primed and the other one is getting closer.

On the first Exterminator I added a Rebel Grot start to each side so that it can be a rolling, destructive symbol of da Revolushun!  Smoke launchers have been added to each sponson and I added periscope view-ports to the front of the tank and the turret so they can see where they’re driving and shooting.  I’m sure I could continue to slap on details but I think it’s time to call it good and move on.   Russ update 7-14-14 (2) Russ update 7-14-14 (3)

I really like the way the stars look at the front of the first Leman Russ so I did the same for the second one.  I also added a hasty repair above one sponson and some dag plates.  On the back I added a fuel tank.  This one still need some rivets and other details before I’m ready to paint it but I’m getting closer!Russ update 7-14-14 (1)Russ update 7-14-14 (4)

Here’s a shot of the two of them side by side.  They’re coming together slowly but surely…Russ update 7-14-14I’ll keep plugging away until they’re done.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

  • They look great. Paint them already! :P

    • Thanks. I know I’m dragging ass on this one. The second one just needs rivets on the sponsons plus lights and a view-port on the turret before I am ready to paint it. Then I need to add some rivets to the “masks” on my armored sentinels and I think all my vehicles will be ready for paint. I am going to airbrush them so I want to hit them all at the same time. At least I should be able to base coat them all in one evening…

  • JD Brink

    Those do-it-yourself tanks of yours continue to impress! Amazing work. But I agree, gets some paint on them! At least spray a base color on so we can’t see all the bits and stuff anymore. (Though from a tutorial-kind of perspective, it is nice to see the bits, i suppose.)

    • Thanks! I know I tend to get bogged down in the detail part but it’s one of my favorite parts! I’ve managed to get the second Russ to where I’m ready to paint and I almost have the Sentinels ready too. I might be able to get them primed in time for my Monday post…

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