Orky Lifecycle

The Ork Codex talks about the green tide reproducing by spores released when they die, if I remember correctly.  Well, I’m not really talking about that.  On Thor’s latest Disciples of Twilight paint posting we were commenting about the painting process and it made me want to make this post, which I had actually thought ahead about.

ork paint 1

The last time I got to paint (which was probably a week ago or so) I completed the base colors on an ork model I am using for my Dark Eldar beastmasters (long story, see previous entries in my 40K blog for details).  When I finished with these base colors I took a picture, knowing I wanted to comment on this.  It always seems to me in my process that when I finally get all these colors on, my models are disappointing to me — here I have all these colors on them and they still look ridiculous.  It’s the point where my confidence gets winded.


Then yesterday I applied the washes and some drybrushing and finishing details and now I feel much better.  I’m not saying I’m Picasso or anything, but you can see the difference in these pics.  For me the best thing to come out of this model is the eyes.  Without that detail to give it some life it’d just be some kind of circus freak.

J. D. Brink




  • A simple wash really does make a huge difference. It’s one tool I think every model painter should learn to use as early as possible.

    • I agree. For a long time I was ignorant of The Way but my guys look a lot better than they used to. Dry brushing and highlights for me are new too, though mine tend to be very subtle and therefore not as effective.

    • Agreed. I love washes and I’ve worked my style of painting around using them.

  • Thanks for the comments. Both of your painting work shows your mastery of the art!

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