Our New Authors and Pimp’n a Blog

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do with Creative Twilight is grow the author base here and it’s taken time but we’re getting there. I wanted to take a moment to bring attention to two of our new authors.

Grumhelden is one of the two new authors and he’s introduced himsef as well as begun a series of articles. You may recognize him from his blog Lines on Maps or just floating around the blogosphere. He was one of the few to contact me when I put it out there I was looking for new authors and he’s a welcomed addition to the team. He’s also from Scotland so we’re now international :)

Lukas is the other new author and he’s also introduced himself. Like every author of this blog, barring Grumhelden, he’s a gamer at my FLGS. Initially he’ll cover some Necron stuff and what comes next is up in the air. He’s also the youngest author here so I’m just picturing hours of editing work on my part ;)

The blog I wanted to pimp is EvilDirtyDave on Games. He works at my FLGS and the guy plays every damn game imaginable. The perks of working at a gaming store. His blog has some great reviews on various boardgames. If you love boardgames then definitely check out his blog. He just got it up and running recently but I’m sure in due time it will be full of tons of reviews.

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