Get Da Shiny Fings!

Nazduruk grinned to himself. The Chaos Marines they had fought last week had hired them. Prior to the engagement with the Orks, the Chaos Marines were en route to a location to secure some devices. They wouldn’t say what exactly they were, only that they were valuable and had to be retrieved. The conflict with

My Battlewagon!

“Ye gitz ready?” bellowed Nazduruk to the assembled convoy of ramshackle vehicles that had halted momentarily to survey the Chaos Marines just ahead of their position. The question was met with an overwhelming roar as the Boyz raised their choppas, stamped their feet and threw unwary Grots for sheer amusement. Nazduruk raised his prized wrecka

Creative Twilight is One Year Old!

One year ago I started this site promoting commission painting. In the course of a year much has changed here. In that time I’ve only done commission work for two clients, one client came back for another round, and I’m in the process of doing work for a third client. With not much to post