Kamui’s Workbench: Tankbusta’s WIP

Hello All, Between the holiday and some projects around the house I haven’t been particularly productive on the hobby front.  I have managed to put some work into a mob of tankbustas.  These were the victim of a painting experiment that didn’t quite succeed, but at least I will be able to finish them up

Kamui’s Workbench: Bob-omb Squig

Hello all, I’m starting work on a mob of Tankbustas.  I wanted to include some bomb squigs and as I was planning some fantasy squig to bomb squig conversions I decided instead to field mechanical bomb squigs that look like bob-ombs!  I started with a wooden ball then added some extra bits and a little

Thor’s Workbench: Huffing Glue

With the Standoff being complete it’s time to move along my Chaos army. I spent many long weeks painting to get ready for that event and in turn putting my army expansion on hold. Now, the snipping, mold line cleanup and gluing begins anew. So, nothing major here but you’ll see some Cultists being put