Painting Advice: Need Some Help

QuestionSo my Daemon Prince I’ve been working on forever now is almost complete but there’s one thing I’m looking for feedback on. First, the pics so you can see what I’m asking.

The sword has a glow to it so the edges of the sword around the light source I’ve highlighted brightly as a result. You’ll also notice at the tip of the sword I have darker highlights, that’s what I started off with. Among those darker highlights at the tip are brighter ones from the normal light source, not the glow.

My question is this, should I make those darker highlights near the tip lighter or does that look good as is? Should I do all my highlights that lighter color you see and then go white for extreme highlights where needed (the current light color is a blue gray)? Something in between?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

  • Ron

    I like it, but I might be inclined to tone it down some. I like the dark sword with the normal highlights for the edges (light grey). I also like the glow from the lightning bolt extending up from the hilt. I’d be inclined to paint the inside of that a bright color (almost pinkish white and then give it a shade/glaze that collects in the recessed areas) and leave it at that. Almost like the eyes on a space marine helmet… subtle, but there.

    But that’s just my take on it.
    Ron, FTW

    • To be clear, by ‘inside’ you’re talking about near the tip, in the area that bolt stops?

  • JustHippie

    It looks GREAT just as it is. Personally I like less outward glow and more bright center of the glowing recessed blade center (I think this is what Ron was saying). With the glow as wide as the blade it takes away from the center which is the glowing part.
    Did I say glow enough?
    Oh and the tip looks fine don’t change it.

    • I am thinking of thinning out the width of the glow a bit.

      Now I think about it, I believe what Ron is saying is to give an edge highlight to that center part. The center is recessed and the edges there should be picking up more light where right now it’s the same as the rest of the sword’s glow, so emphasize that more. If I do that and pick out those edges then it should draw the attention back to the sword center.

  • warhammer39999

    I like it as is. If you were to lighten up the tip more, it would seem to detract from the effect. I get the feeling it’s a piece of metal/rock (something solid) that is ultimately hollow, and something from inside is leaking out. If you lighten the tip, it would make it seem less solid.

  • (as you can see how far behind in my blog-rolls Headshots put me)

    I think it looks fantastic! But for the tips, I’d say arc the bolt into the two prongs.. it looks to be missing something by leaving them black.

    • I hear ya. Command Center v2 did the same to me.

      I’m behind too on getting up shots. I’ve since finished this model off and sealed him. I just need to get around to taking shots.

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