Painting Advice: Need Some Help

So my Daemon Prince I’ve been working on forever now is almost complete but there’s one thing I’m looking for feedback on. First, the pics so you can see what I’m asking.

The sword has a glow to it so the edges of the sword around the light source I’ve highlighted brightly as a result. You’ll also notice at the tip of the sword I have darker highlights, that’s what I started off with. Among those darker highlights at the tip are brighter ones from the normal light source, not the glow.

My question is this, should I make those darker highlights near the tip lighter or does that look good as is? Should I do all my highlights that lighter color you see and then go white for extreme highlights where needed (the current light color is a blue gray)? Something in between?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Update: The big guy is all done. Check out the painting showcase.

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Painting Advice: Need Some Help
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