Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore (PIP #3)

Soulgore: PIP #3-1Work continues on Soulgore. Since the last update I have done two layers of dry brushing on the bull, so just highlights left there. I have shaded the lower torso of Soulgore (including chain mail and cloth), he’s magnetized at the waist, just highlighting left there. The saddle is shaded now as well.

So, the lower portion of things is just about ready for highlights. I have to figure out what color I’m doing the horns on his knee-joint and I also have to shade and work the teeth on that same part also. The other thing I’m thinking about is the color of the bull’s horns, hooves and the end of his tail (it’s an organic like thing). Same with the bull’s eyes as well, thinking about color choices there.

For Soulgore I’m still considering skin tones for the head, no decision there yet. Once I figure out these final color choices the rest of this model will come together pretty quickly.

  • JD Brink

    Looking bad ass, my man! But for some reason I’m on a painting tip roll today (even though I haven’t painted squat in a while myself…). May I suggest using that fiery yellow on the axe for the bull’s eyes??? May tie them together nicely and give it a fearsome glimmer.

    • Thanks! He’s a ton of fun to work on. It’s been a long time since I’ve just taken the time to appreciate painting a model. Lately it’s been needing to get things done for tournaments.

      Yellow on the eyes was my first choice. Nice to see we share that idea :) I haven’t committed to it yet though just because my other remaining choices: hooves, horns, etc, may change that.

  • khorneinquisitor

    So how did you do the red edging on the plates. Did you do drybrushing idea and scrape with a paintbrush down at the edge or is it very neat lining work at the very edge?

    • Right now it’s just dry brushing. My next step is to do edge highlighting to really make it stand out.

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