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Painting Conundrum: Advice Needed

Soulgore: HelpSo, I’m working on wrapping up my Lord on Juggernaut with Axe of Blind Fury and here’s my issue. Take a look at that image. The axe blends in way too much with the Juggernaut/Bull, especially at that angle. I’m trying to think of a way of ‘fixing’ it. I really like how the bull came out and I like how the axe came out but together the axe does not stand out like I want it to.

Considering I like how the axe came out, I could just set that one aside (the arm is magnetized), and start a new one all together. Not ideal but it’s one arm to redo, could be worse. Alternatively, and my preferred approach, is to tackle that axe and get it to pop against the bull. The question is, how do I do that without redoing the entire axe? Again, I like my technique on it and would hate to trash that. I could change the axe up to be a fiery glow on the entire weapon, instead of the lines of energy, using more oranges and yellows – just redo it. It would still be similar to the bull but more yellows would pull it away a bit. I could just make those energy lines wider to allow for more yellow in there. Maybe instead I glaze over the bull with another color to alter up the red?

I just don’t know what to do here. Am I looking into it too much? Does the matching weapon and bull work and I’m just being picky since I tend to use a lot of contrast? Any help or opinions would be appreciated!

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Painting Conundrum: Advice Needed
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