Painting: Greater Daemon of Slaanesh Complete

Well, I haven’t a lot to say about this model, my Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, other than I’m happy with how it came out. It’s my first time painting a model of this size and it was far harder than I expected. All the arms made it hard to get good angles for painting and just awkward in general. I also opted for a simple base with small decoration. I’m not a fan of overly elaborate bases.

So, here she/he is.

Great Daemon of Slaanesh


In the years since, I have rebased this model and taken some much better shots. Check out my Keeper of Secrets gallery.

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  • R. C. Fountain

    Very detailed paint scheme, Thor. :) As for the base, sometimes less is more. Nice work all round.

    •  Agreed on the less is more and thanks!

  • This looks great, Thor!  I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something about that shade of red against the other colors that disturbs me.  It’s complimentary but slightly jarring in a way I find entirely appropriate to the piece.

    •  Thanks. I’m glad it’s done. It didn’t take me all that long overall but it felt like it. So many small items, so much surface area to cover. It’s made me look forward to my Princes though. I wanted this guy to be my warmup for the other two.

      The red jarring? Huh, I thought it blended in nicely but if it’s jarring and appropriate then it’s fine by me :)

  • Wow man, that looks fantaaaastic

    • Danke and thanks for the link on your Weekly Update.

  • Pretty stuff–I particularly like the work on the sword.  Pray tell, is the pink on the top of his head an OSL effect?

    • Thanks and yes, the pink is OSL. It was my first attempt at it, though on a much smaller scale than my more recent attempt on something else.

  • Bowlzee

    I am a year late to the party, but I was searching for some good slaanesh paint schemes and found this! It looks amazing. What paints did you use?

    • Thanks.

      I mostly use Vallejo paint. From memory this was mostly done by painting a white base coat and washing it with purple. I then came back in with the white to clean it up some. The deeper purple was slowly adding white on each layer as I layered up. Overall the colors are basic but it’s such a col model that it looks like it took more work than it did.

      • Bowlzee

        Awesome! I can’t wait to try it out. You have found a new subcriber to your website :)

        • Thanks. Always enjoy new readers!

          I was thinking about it and remembered I base coated it in a light grey, then the purple wash. Using the grey gives it that darker tone you see.

          • Bowlzee

            Great, :) thanks again for the tips!

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