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Path of the Warrior

Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe – Book Review

I’m not one normally for book reviews. I thoroughly enjoy reading, only 40K as a hobby takes up more time than reading, but I’m not an English or literature expert and thus the technicalities elude me. That being said, here’s my humble opinion on “Path of the Warrior” by Gav Thorpe.

I’ve grown so used to reading Imperial focused books that this was a great change of pace. I also know next to nothing regarding Eldar fluff and this seemed a great way to key in on it. The book focuses on an Eldar of the Alaitoc Craftworld who finds himself needing to follow the path of the warrior, as most Eldar do at one time or another. The story follows this character as he becomes a Striking Scorpion. It’s hard to say much more without giving away the story, but it has a few twists you don’t expect, which I’ve found pretty rare in any Black Library book.

At the core the book is about the Eldar psyche and Gav Thorpe does an amazing job here. This is a race that has endured a lot, and their lives are always at risk. They go to great measures to keep themselves safe from She Who Thirsts. The story itself was good, but unlike most books that focus on plot, this book instead puts you in the mind of an Eldar as he walks these paths.

As someone who knew virtually nothing of the Eldar fluff I found the book very intriguing. Anyone who is familiar with the Eldar will still find the book well worth the read since never before has anyone put you behind the eyes of the race. I wholly recommend this book to anyone. This is by far one of the best Black Library books I’ve read.

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Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe – Book Review
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