Plague Lord in Progress

So it has been a good while since I posted. Maybe half a year? The new kiddo is just over 4 months old and I know I haven’t put anything up here since then. I will say having one kid made me more efficient, I never had appreciated my free time, before him I wasted so much of it. After my son was born i got more hobby stuff done then ever in less time. Now with my daughter, holy crap, free time isn’t cut in half again it is reduced exponentially. That being said I am finally getting around to posting some stuff up here. I have been lucky today to have nearly 4 hours to myself to paint. I made some awesome progress on the projects I am working on for the bronze spawn for the standish standoff 4 “the revengencing”.

The first one here is the plastic fantasy plague lord for the 40mm category. Not all of him was done today i had been working on him for a few minutes here and there for several weeks now. I am pretty close to the finished product now though. I need to make the boards a little more grey and add several more layers of water but that will take some time. Right now the base and the model aren’t separated well enough but graying up the boards of the dock should take care of that. I apologize for the cork back ground when this guy is finished completely i will take some better photos, this was all i had handy this evening.  This is a really cool model to paint, there is so much detail and so much option for conversion with this plastic character, though i did none to the model itself here.

I am quite a bit further behind on my 25mm entry iron hand strakken. I have been poking away at him when i have a bit of down time. I have his skin roughed in at this point but there is still a lot of smoothing out to do there. I have always found this model interesting, but after digging in on him he is not as awesome of a sculpt as I originally thought. The best paint jobs have done a lot of work to really make him pop. It is not a bad sculpt by any means just not as great as I originally thought. Next to him are my squad entry the ork storm boys. These guys are hilarious, i have just started throwing paint on them as I am waiting for other stuff to dry. Not much to show but might as well show what I have got.  Both entries have interesting bases in the works as well often times I find the bases as much fun to do as the models if not more so.

I have a monstrous creature in the works for that category as well. I am going to work to enter every category this year as I really don’t plan to place all that well in the tournament side of things, and the painting is where I excel, however I am only going to push through these projects if I find them engaging and fun. I have a neat plan in my head for the diorama and maybe a big suprise for the 60mm but we will just see what I am able to pull off in the time frame. Should be fun, and I will try to keep track of my progress here.

Also question to the audience, do you guys find knight titans enjoyable to play against? I have one and I am on the fence about fielding it. On the one hand it will make for a quicker game on the other hand there is a lot of hate on them out there right now.

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Glad to see you found some time to paint. That Lord is looking good. I really like the pock marked areas; very realistic. His basing is pretty damn cool too.

I haven’t even thought about the contest yet. I’m just painting stuff I need to paint and I’ll figure it out eventually.


The lord is looking great!

I can relate on the lacking hobby time. I have two kids myself. The most reliable way I have to get any painting done is to wake up a half hour earlier each morning so I can do a little painting before work.