Planning My Hobby for 2015

Knight Titan2014 was a pretty solid hobby year for me. As I count projects I completed 20 of them. I have been hoping to get more done over this holiday break but family specifically the kids conspired to make sure that didn’t happen. I got a few models built and added to my white scars, I never really had many bikes so I was able to add a another bike squad and a veteran bike squad (command squad with close combat weapons) and a command squad on bikes. I have always been agitated there was no close combat bike unit, It took my little brain awhile to realize you just had to pay a character tax to get the command squad and viola close combat bikers. Also I added a small unit of scout bikers to the army, they are an unappreciated unit in the codex and can actually pack a pretty good punch for such a cheap unit.

So all these units are built and primed and queued up for painting this year. I also managed to rebase my knight titan along with the rest of my army (to the mars style bases). Last post I was trying to sell it, but I realized it wasn’t going to get what I wanted for it and after the effort on the paint job really made me reconsider the selling. I pulled it off its display base and put it on a base I can game with. Hopefully it will see the battlefield this year.White Scars

I was able to finish up a rhino really quick this weekend. Next week I will get a tutorial up on the weathering, it is not the most detailed weathering but for the time put in the result is great for the tabletop. After some chatting with Thor I am going to try to document more of the how I do things and share them here. Over the year I will cover my basing and as many of the projects I have planned as possible. Let me know if you have anything you want to see, I am by no means a master but I am always excited to try new things, even if the fail.

Two projects I am really pumped up about are the Tablescapes Game Boards from secret weapon miniatures. I supported the kick starter I forget how many years ago, maybe two, anyway I have the boards now and they are awesome. I have not ever painted a full table and I have two sets to complete along with terrain (the terrain will have to be built but should be good fun). That most likely won’t happen until spring due to the freezing temperatures outside keeping airbrushing to a minimum.

Knight TitanThere are another 20 projects slated for this year, one (the rhino) is complete, next up is an 8 man squad of scout snipers that shouldn’t take too long. After that I will be digging into a display model with the forge world spirit seer.

I can’t ignore my goals from last year, of which I completed about half of. I am still fat sadly, we did well financially, miniature projects I completed 5 more than I planted, and as far as oil paintings go once the new kiddo popped out I basically had to sideline that.

This has turned into quite a ramble but I am excited to see what all I can get done in 2015. My hobby goals are similar to last year, I need to get less fat again and the wife is helping this time so I think we will have far more success. She is bribing herself with new clothes every X pounds, so to match that I am going to bribe myself with a primarch every X pounds. No matter,  I have to get healthier as I have achieved beached whale status. All in all 2014 was a solid year and 2015 is slated to be an even better year.

Have a great week everyone!


  • I’m glad you kept the Knight. You did such an awesome job with it that it would have been a shame to sell it. Plus, it’s a damn useful tool on the table.

    20 Projects in the year is pretty impressive, especially with a family in the equation. I don’t keep count of mine but I’d say you surpassed me by a long shot. Keep it up.

    Good luck on the weight loss. It’s not easy and takes a lot of dedication. Having your wife in on it will go a long way to making it happen for sure.

    • Warren Falconer

      We did very well with the weight thing when my son was first born, and over last year we both tried several times but without everyone on board it is hard to make a life style change like that.

      My concern with the knight on the table is the same reason I sold off my grey knights, the eye roll you get when you put it down. It seems like a lot of people don’t enjoy playing against it, and if that is the case it takes the fun out of the game for my opponent.

      • It was the same with my Heldrake back with the old vector strike and a 360 degree fire arc, so I know exactly how you feel. I don’t mind seeing a Knight but more than one and the fun diminishes exponentially.

      • I agree with Thor, one Knight is fine. More than that is a little annoying.
        I hear you on the “everyone on board” thing. The wife and I each dropped 30+ pounds years ago by both being on Weight Watchers, but haven’t been able to replicate that outcome when one of us doesn’t feel like committing to it. With a little one running around, it’s hard to stick to a plan.

  • DaveWeston

    Love those shots of the Knight, it’s almost as if the martian haze has envleoped him. I’ll look forward to seeing the game boards in martian red [hopefully].

    • Warren Falconer

      I am trying to decide on that I would love to do the boards in red, I think the ruined temple board I will do that way and the rolling hills board I will do more traditionally but we will see when we get there.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Good luck with everything. Been losing weight myself lately. Found that walking for an hour every day has been the only thing that works. That and giving up bread and beer (powerful plant hormones in beer).

  • Looking forward to the tablescape build! So excited everyone has them now!

  • JD Brink

    Congrats on a productive year! And I like the lighting on that Knight shot.

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