Planning for the New Year

So I have been off the hobby radar since the Standish Standoff at the end of November. Truthfully I needed a little detox and truthfullyer work and life seemed to ramp up to ridiculous levels before the holiday.   So I finally popped out the other side of all that returning from visiting the parents down south for Christmas and getting most things back here in Maine lined out (Thank you very much ice storm).  With my few remaining days I am trying to line out what I want to accomplish with my hobby time this year as well as my other goals.

This is what I have figured out so far.

1. Get less fat, this isn’t strictly a hobby goal, but less time spent eating and getting fat should mean more hobby time.
2. Save more money – we always want to get better at this, and if i’m not spending money or having to keep the others in my immediate family from spending money well there is more hobby time.
3. Survive second child – so its quite obvious, if having our second kiddo kills me my hobby time goes to 0.
4. No Buying new models until everything is painted – I have a kanban board (its a tool used for lots of things generally by project managers we used it a bit at work for planning our sprints in software) that is probably 50 items deep. I am not sure if everything I own is on it or not. But basically my new rule is no buying models this year until it is all done. Will it realistically get done? I doubt it with life being what it is going to be. However this is a fun rule to try to meet and I will endeavor to hold up too it.

Here is an image of my current board.
5. Play more! I don’t get to play a whole heck of a lot of 40k however I want too. I am already gearing up for the 1500 tourny at xroadgames on Jan 18th. I want to try to make one pilgrimage there a month, I can’t set that in stone but that is my goal.

6. Complete the Independent Characters Hobby progress challenge – So funny thing is I have entered this both years and I have actually completed my armies both years I just quit updating the post on their forums.  I want to keep up with that this year even though it is going to be difficult to shoe horn in what I have to paint in my list with their rules.

I also want to become a better painter but that goes without saying. That is what I am shooting for right now. I am going to have to add a few more units to my white scars to have a chance at making the IC HPC I have at least one land raider maybe two in pieces in storage so that could certainly help me make up some of the difference of points. I have to come up with 1000 points in zone mortalis style stuff then 1000 points in whatever. The first 1k will be easy enough to eat up with the terminators, a unit of 10 stern guard, and 2 HQs, scouts. The second 1000 points will consist of a land raider and some other stuff though the other stuff I haven’t figured out yet. I was really hoping I could do 2 forces and use it as a way to plow through my remaining chaos stuff, but doesn’t look like that is the case.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

I am tempted to sell off the chaos space marine stuff I have but I know for sure that I would regret it and I wouldn’t get nearly as much for it as I would like. That being said I really want to get it all finished and out of the way so I believe I am going to just blast the rest of the stuff as black legion for a quick decent paint job, but who knows we will see when we get there.

Now before I call it a post I have to talk a little about this last Standoff in November. It was how do you say…AWESOME! Overall the event was an absolute blast. I had 3 great games. The first of which I got to mop the floor with Thor he took it like a man with minimal crying. The second game was against Ed and i have never had so much fun getting whooped as I did against his pansy little screamer star list.  The third game was against sisters and was fun as well, it was a very neat mission I hope to see again. The bronze spawn went pretty well too there were a few results I disagreed with but that’s how it goes. Of the two entries I had I won one first and didn’t place with the second. I was pleased with the result and will strive to do better next year ; ).

This is what I am currently working on painting wise. And building wise I am trying to knock out the models I need for the tournament in Jan. A khan/captain with burning blade, and a 10 man sternguard squad that will be converted and painted as deathwatch.

orcshaman skavenwarlord

Merry New year every one!

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Man, those damn hit & run rolls…crazy!

Good luck on the resolutions and they all seems pretty attainable. Well, you can never be sure where children are concerned but it’s the second child so it’s easier, right? ;)


That is a nifty digital to do board. Is it online or software your program uses that was purchased. I like the simplicity and layout.

Overall, I like your plinth style painting entries. They look deliberate and the plinth adds a surprising amount of perceived quality. Very well done and I look forward to seeing more entries from you.

On that, I would always be willing or help you with building your CSM or daemons through races, but alas, I can’t help with your scars. Sorry man. Hope you hold to the goal of finishing everything. It is lofty, but super commendable.


I’m with Willy. The effort you put into your basing is incredible. It really sets the scene.

I’m going to check out that software as well. Anything to help my scattered thoughts with hobby workflow is a good thing.