Poll: What’s Kamui Doing Next!

Hello all,

I’ve been so swamped with work and other responsibilities lately that I haven’t managed to accomplish much on the hobby front.  It’s been so long since I actually played a game or worked on a model that I’m not even sure what I want to work on any more.  So I’m leaving it up to you!  I have three projects that I have been thinking about.  I’ll give you a quick summary of each and let you vote on which I should do first.

  1. Finish my Taurox:  A while back I started working on a scratch built Taurox.  I have the basic vehicle and turret roughed out but it needs weapons and details, then it needs to be painted.
  2. Rebel Grot Commissar:  I started converting a Commissar for my Rebel Grot Conscripts (counts-as Astra Militarum.)  I chose the bits I would use as a start and roughed out a torso.  There is a lot of sculpting to do on this guy plus he’ll need a custom base before he gets painted.
  3. Dakkajet:  I recently bought a Dakkajet because I’ve always liked the kit and I’ve been thinking about hauling out my Ork army again.  I plan to magnetize this so I can use it for any of the three variants.  I’ll also magnetize the wings for easier storage.

So that’s my short to-do list.  Which would you like to see me work on next?

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  • I went for Commissar because I know in your position it would be my choice. You’ve done a ton of scratch building lately, a Dakkajet assembly is fun and cool but not very creative where the Commissar will let you just have fun.

    • The biggest thing the dakkajet has going for it, in my mind, is that it would be a much simpler build than most of the stuff I’ve been doing lately. But I agree that the Commissar will be more creative. There is also something particularly satisfying about sculpting when it works out.

  • Taurox. Finish the old before starting the new in order to not get buried under old projects.

    • This is good advice, if a bit too late to save me! I do need to get better at wrapping up projects before starting another one. Also, of these three projects the Taurox is probably closest to finished.

  • Nafnaf

    I voted for the grot commisar. Cos I love grots :)

    • The grots have been popular, and a lot of fun to work on :)

  • Don’t listen to Thor. Always go full ork.

    • haha!

    • Full ork is hard to resist! The Rebel Grots share a lot of the aesthetic but they certainly don’t play the same.

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