Preparing for the 1,850 December Tournament

December TournamentWith some great feedback on my previous Shrike list post, I played an 1,850 game last night. We have a tournament coming up in a few weeks and this is my intended list. The only changes from the previously modified list is putting two flamers in the Assault Squad, which freed up 5pts (dropped the plasma pistol), that I spend on a combat shield for that Sarge. Here it is:

* Shrike

* Assault Termies x 5 w/storm shield + thunder hammers x 5
* Irconclad Dread w/seismic hammer w/melta, DCCW w/heavy flamer
– Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon
* Irconclad Dread w/hunter killer missiles x 2, seismic hammer w/melta, hurricane bolter
– Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta
– Sarge w/combi-melta
– Rhino w/storm bolter
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, lascannon
– Sarge w/combi-flamer
– Rhino w/storm bolter

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 10 w/flamers x 2
– Sarge w/combat shield, power fist
* Land Speeder w/heavy flamer, multi-melta

Heavy Support
* Predator w/extra armor, autocannon, lascannon sponsons
* Devs x 5 w/missiles x 3
– Drop Pod w/storm bolter

The game I got in last night was against a newer 40K player who plays Orks. Despite being a newer player he beat my Marines when last we played as my list was horrible. We played seize ground with four objectives using dawn of war deployment. There was one objective 12″ in on both sides, one left center and another dead center. I got first turn and put out a Tact Squad in a Rhino and he deployed a Battlewagon with five Meganobz. Other than pods the only thing I had not coming in on turn #1 was the Assault Termies who were deep striking.

I dropped in both Ironclads and wrecked the BW and everything else got into position to deal with the rest of his army as it arrived. In short I was able to effectively deal with his army piece by piece. Trukks went down and occupants exterminated, often on the turn the Trukks blew up. My Termies landed by my Ironclads, using the beacons, and pressed him on the right flank, the rest of my army was on my left flank. With him breaking his army in half to deal with the left flank shooting and the right flank assaulting it was a slow death for him. In the end I held two objectives to his none.

I really liked the dual Ironclad first turn strike. It was exceptionally effective being that it was dawn of war, so easy spots to land in for ideal positions. That won’t be the norm I’m sure but still happy with having two of them. This was maybe the third game I’ve run Assault Termies and they finally panned out for me. I eventually lost them in a multiple combat, got counter charged by around 20 Boyz after I charged some Warbikers, but they took out the Warbiker squad, put a few wounds on the Biker Warboss and chewed through some of the Boyz mob. They did their job of holding up a good chunk of his army so no complaints there.

Oh, the combi-weapons worked out great on my Tact Sarges. After often hearing I should do it, I modeled them up the other night and gave it a go. Those Sarges just had combi-weapons, no power sword or fist, and I didn’t miss not having those either. Both combi-weapons, melta and flamer, were put to good use and the gains of having those outweighed the loss of the combat weapons by far, not to mention it’s cheaper.

Lastly, I was pretty happy with Shrike. Being dawn of war I wasn’t able to make use of infiltrating anything, so the Assault Squad with Shrike was held back to move where I needed them. Once I popped the Nobz Trukk they charged into that and eventually broke the Nobz who never rallied and went on to take out a lone Biker Warboss. As far as combat prowess goes I like Khan more. Having furious charge and hit and run is just awesome. Shrike doesn’t do poorly by any means though, however my choice of using him is for the infiltrating and fleet. I’ll definitely continue to play around with him.

So, I was happy with the results. Not the fact I won the game, though no complaint there, but seeing the list come together and preform as it was designed. No list is every perfect but this list seems to be damn close to where I want it. The true test will be in a few weeks at the LGS tournament though. I’ve only tried my Marines at a tournament once, well twice including a team tournament, and it’s not gone well for me in the past. Hopefully all this hard works changes that.

  • Bkbutlerme

    Congrats on a well played game!

    • Thanks. I wish I had more time to get in some practice games but with the 500pt 40K night tourney starting next week I won’t have a chance. Speaking of, I should probably figure out what the heck I’m taking for that one.

  • Looks like a great list, hope you do great at your tournament.

  • Cool man, I’m glad the combis worked out for you. Should be fun to see what happens at your upcoming tournament.

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