Quick Catch Up

Catch UpBetween work and home I have not had a lot of spare time lately. Painting has been painfully slow and projects are stalling out at the moment. I have managed two games recently, at least that remains consistent, but sadly I lost both. However, I have stuck to what I said the other week about improving my lists and I do see a difference.

The starter set came out last week but I have not touched the models. It’s hard to justify putting together models I can’t yet use when I have models I can, and do, use that need paint.

The batch of FAQs hit the other day and I’m pretty pleased with what’s in there. Chaos Princes getting flight was unexpected as I had already resigned myself to them being jump. I’m glad of course they can fly and tried that out yesterday. Overall it went well, not amazing but not bad either. Definitely better than being a jump MC. Now that I can take FMCs (flying monstrous creatures), I need to spend some more time evaluating my lists in relation to them and also setting up the Princes, IE: wargear, appropriately. I’m a sucker for Princes.

Hopefully this coming week I’ll get another quiz or two out there and hopefully something more worth reading in general.

  • It’s a good thing you have other writers to keep the site going. When I get busy, mine goes dormant for a few weeks. >.<

    • Sort of. Technically yes but only one of them is really reliable and another pretty reliable. That’s out of about 8-9 authors besides myself.

      • That’s true. Things get pretty sparse when Thor isn’t posting. And I think he’s still the primary draw for our readers so they may go cold if he were absent for too long.

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