Quick Report: January Team Tournament

Tournament: Bad DaySaturday was the monthly tournament at the LGS. This month was a random partner team tournament: 1,250 per-player with 1 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 1-3 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack and 0-1 Heavy Support with the ability to double up one 0-1 slot. We had a pretty good showing with 10 teams (20 players), and I was paired up with a Tyranid player who I’m acquainted with, a co-worker of Kamui. I’d run through his list but I’m still terrible at remembering Nid unit names. I had my Necrons and ran this list here.

I’m going to keep these brief. Our first game was against an Eldar and Ork team. The mission was King of the Hill, points for holding the center and table quarters. Eldar were running in two Wave Serpents and two Falcons while the Ork player had a Trukk of Nobz, Biker Nobz, Burna Boyz in a Looted Wagon and a Trukk of Shoota Boyz. Our plan was to have me start on the board while my partner outflanked some Genestealers, popped up some Ymgarls from terrain, deep struck in a pod with Devilgaunts and also deep struck in his Trygon. That left him two Zoanthropes starting on the board and two Tervigons.

The above plan fell through because of something I failed to consider, team games barely reach turn 3. My partner had nothing come in on turn #2, it did show up on turn #3 but that was our last turn and it was too late. I had also made the mistake of deploying myself too aggressively, so by turn #2 I was being assaulted…not good for Necrons. My partner’s Genestealers saved me, however it wouldn’t matter with the game ending. We took a massacre loss.

Second game was against another Nid player and Space Wolves. This mission had objectives in the table quarters we weren’t deploying in, so spearhead deployment. You had to hold the most objectives and have more kill points. We decided to start the Trygon on the table this time but keep the Stealers, Ymgarls and Devilgaunts with Pod in reserves.

We had a strong start to the game, sending most of our forces to the north objective with about a third to the west objective. We had the north area pretty secure until the Nids began showing up from reserves. The enemy’s Ymgarls popped up and began chewing through a Tervigon and his Gaunts. The Mawloc jumped up behind another unit of our Gaunts and Stealers in the north. Then an Ironpriest with some puppies charged my Immortals and Lord. We held out pretty well but we were removed off the objective while some Grey Hunters held the west, giving us a massacre loss.

The final game was against two new’ish players, Tau and Necrons. This game was Attack and Defend. This game was a blow out in our favor. I just hung back in our deployment zone while the bugs charged ahead. By turn #2 we had already begun assaulting them. We finally got some favorable reserve rolls and those reserves secured our victory. In the end we took a massacre win.

I can’t recall the team armies that won the tournament, we hadn’t faced them. ShinyRhino did take best painted army and Kamui and his partner got best sportsmanship. All in all a good day. Random partners can be a bit rough sometimes, but I do prefer that to picking your own just to avoid the inevitable power teams that will crop up. By the time my partner and I found our rhythm the day was done. Other times things just click from the onset of the day. I had a good time regardless. Next month will be a normal 2K tournament but unfortunately I most likely won’t be making that one.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds fun! I love team games, personally! I’ll be going to a team tournament at the end of this month with a friend- I’m really looking forward to it. And then there’s always the Adepticon Team Tournament to look forward to at the beginning of April. It’s too bad your games took so long to play. Games don’t really even truely start until around Turn 3 anyways!

    • You’d think team games would move quicker, sometimes they do, but generally they get bogged down for various reasons. Plus, it was a 2,500 game, not exactly a small scale battle either.

      They are a blast though.

      • Anonymous

        I think one big thing is for both players on each team to be playing at the same time, trusting eachother to roll saves and such when it’s called for.

        Also, I’m guessing one biggish reason it’s taking a while is that you also aren’t used to playing with your teammate, since it’s random pairings. I’ve never played a 2500 team game though- biggest (and only for that matter, lol, is 2000). So, I’m not speaking from experience. Feel free to disregard :-p

        • You can only play at the same time so much though. Moving, sure thing. I was moving his models since he had Nids and my Crons weren’t moving much. Shooting though is another story. Some times you can go at once but often you’re waiting on the results of a unit’s shooting to see what to fire at next. Assault, another easy one as long as you both have assaults going on.

          Definitely time is spent conferring. Not everyone is fully aware of all the various armies from the standpoint of a player, I know I’m not. I’ve faced every army but playing as them is another thing naturally.

  • Vi13_d3c0n

    Thir, it was another space wolves and Nid combo, not myself and Iron Mike

    • We played you two in round #2. You don’t recall pushing our poop in?

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