Quick Report: Ready for the Tournament

Tournament PreparationLast night I got to test out my Shrike list; thanks to those who’ve helped me refine it. I was hoping to get in two games since I got to the LGS earlier than usual, but Murphy’s Law was in effect and I only got in one game and started that later than I wanted.

I played a guy who works there who was running Dark Eldar. He’s had some pretty good luck with them so far and I’ve been wanting to see what they do. We did dawn of war deployment since I wanted to test my list in a non-optimal deployment, doing capture and control. I got first turn and put my objective near my long edge in the back of some area terrain. He placed his on the far back left, also in area terrain.

Being dawn of war deployment I only had out a Rhino with Tacts to start and him a Raider on my right with Wyches. I brought in both my Ironclads. One about 24″ from the Raider and the other more center of the board. I didn’t want to get too aggressive with them too early, he still had the rest of his army to bring on. The Raider was brought down with hunter killers from one Ironclad.

That pretty much set the pace of the game. He did make a mistake in his deployment though by splitting his forces as they came in. He had half his army coming up along my left and the other half my right. On my right I had a Predator, Ironclad and my Speeder which was able to destroy all those transports and then heavy flamer everything. My left had the rest of my army and fire power, destroying all those transports and dealing with the occupants. I kept Shrike and the Assault Marines back a bit and jumped them up once the Raiders were down to deal with Wyches and Blood Brides.

The game was a blowout. We called it on turn #5 before his turn. At that point all he had left was some Incubi, a few Reavers and True Born (?) with a named HQ that were fleeing. He’s still learning the army and if it weren’t for his bad deployment then things could have gone very differently. He stalled a bit advancing so he could lance on his way in, which didn’t do him any favors since it gave me an additional turn to level heavy weapons his way.

I was happy with how my list played out. I basically took up a defensive gun line while holding back my Speeder and Shrike with Assault Marines to react where I needed them. I also deep struck my Assault Termies defensively, covering my left flank from the Reavers. It all worked well and cohesively. It was good to see that the list could be employed in a manner it wasn’t designed for, defense, and still hold up. The true test is this Saturday for the tournament.

  • ming from b&c

    Sounds like things are going together well for you. Just make sure you have enough AP1/2 weapons around for those unpainted red thirsters, and all may go well.

  • Good deal & good luck!

  • Joe

    Good luck to you

    Out of interest how are the iron clads performing and do you think you could get away with just one?

    • Ironclads are doing well. I’ve found having a pair to be the best route. For the longest time I ran a single one and would pod down something like Sternguard along with it and it never really worked out. Sternguard would get toasted and every heavy weapon was aimed at the sole Ironclad. Having the pair ensures, at least so far, that at least one lives through the landing. Also, having the pair increases my chances of toasting some armor on arrival instead of relying on a single one to bust a tank with shooting.

  • Joe

    Thanks thats interesting because i was shaking the pressies under the tree and i think ive got one so ill have to hope theres a good sale on drop pods in the new year I only have one at the moment which goes with my AOBR dread Ill have to try them out as a pair see how it goes.

    I’m glad to see you’ve found that Shrike lists can do other things apart from Alpha strikes. Fleet gives you so many more options nad consider the poss of out flanking foior Dawn of war can work well if the Dice gods are with you

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