Quick Report: Standoff Practice

The Standish StandoffMy FLGS is hosting a large 30-person tournament on Nov. 12th called The Standish Standoff. In short it’s a more hobby oriented tournament where our monthly ones are not. As such, I’m working out some lists for my Space Marines that capitalize on what I have painted to avoid the last-minute rush of needing to get things done. Tournaments are a motivator for painting but at the same time I don’t want to do rush jobs on my army either.

On Wednesday I got in a game against an Eldar playing all meched up. I’d post my list but I don’t want to show my hand yet. In general it featured deployment options like deep strike, infiltrate and outflanking, with little normal deployment methods. Other than working with what I have painted I’m also working on a theme for the list.

We played seize ground with four objectives. I was interested in playing this person because the list I brought was going to struggle with heavy mech and what better test than against Mechdar?

The game was pretty typical of what you’d expect when facing Mechdar. Lots of fire power on their part and survivability coupled with avoidance. The opening of the game had Eldar strongly in the lead and come turn five he scooted for objectives, him being the bottom of the turns, but the game went on. I was now in desperation mode to drop some tanks and my shooting had failed me all game. Well, not entirely true, we all know how hard it is to remove Eldar tanks. I had assaulted two of them on turn five but got nothing beyond shaken, damn Falcons. Turn six I dedicated everything to assaulting two Falcons and wrecked both. However, Dire Avengers emergency disembarked from one (I had the back covered), and managed to be in contesting range of the one objective I had to clear. He was holding one to my none when the game ended.

A damn close game. If we had a turn seven then I would likely have managed a draw. Those are the games I really enjoy, win or lose, the ones that are so close and could swing either way with a bit of luck or another turn. The type of games that leave no margin for error.

Despite my list doing well, especially against the hardest match-up I’d likely have, I’ve written a few others that I hope to test before the tournament. So little time left.

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