Quick update on Rebel Grot Basilisks

Hello all,

I managed  to finish building the second Earthshaker Cannon for my Rebel Grots.  Here are a couple of pics to show how the two Basilisks are coming along:


May 2013 006 May 2013 004I know they aren’t great pics but I’ve been rearranging my basement (one of the reasons for a low progress week) and can’t get at my photo setup right now.

I bought some casting resin and I’ve been playing with that this weekend.  I cut a set of four tank tracks from plasticard and make a few wax molds of those.  The wax molds are brittle but take very little time to make so they’re great for quickly making a set of short term molds.  From these I’ve cast a handful of tracks.  My plan is to clean these up and add some detail to them, then I will make a latex mold of the detailed tracks and mass produce them for my tanks.  I’ll also make a couple of molds with several tracks connected so I don’t have to piece every set together from single tracks.  It’s a bit of work to set up but in the end I expect it will be less effort than making all of the tracks by hand.  I can also take the time to make a small set of tracks with much better detail than if I tried to do them all one at a time.

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Looking great.

Molds are awesome for projects like this. Consistency isn’t such a big deal for this army but ease of production is certainly.


How did the wax hold up to the heat generated by the curing resin?
I’mnot a huge fan of the greenstuff as a plating medium. It looks more like leather than metal to my eye, but that may all go away when painted.