It’s Been Quiet Around Here

Elmer FuddHopefully the relative silence around here changes soon. I know for me with Christmas, then New Years, not to mention Thanksgiving just weeks prior, I have been busy outside the hobby. After returning home, having spent four days at my in-laws for Christmas, our furnace blower fan died and we spent two days without heat. Kamui is busy with some DIY home stuff and who knows what Warren is doing? Though I’d guess he’s doing naughty things. Ah, life and how it interferes with fun hobby stuff.

Now that the busy time of the year has moved on, I’m hoping to again find that elusive free time and get some worthwhile material up here. On that note, something I’m trying to also do is post a little less for a few reasons. One, Creative Twilight isn’t a news site, we have no need to push out eight pointless articles a day, and not that we did. I know this but I have always felt compelled to get out a set number of articles a week; it’s just my personality I guess. I felt that to be successful I needed to get the blog full of articles. Well, it’s not entirely untrue but at this point there’s a huge library of articles here and no need to push for some arbitrary number of articles every week. Plus, because we’re not a large blog, and one most people visit daily, this means our articles get seen more if we aren’t burying them with nearly daily posts. Lots of articles back-to-back works great if you’re readers hit you up 10 times a day, less so when it’s a few times a week.

Quality vs QuantitySecond, I want to focus on quality over quantity. It’s part of what I was saying the other week. Over the years blogging I have tried various features (type of articles), and gimmicks and none of them were successful. I no longer post those articles, which is a step, and the next step is to ensure that what I do post is something I’m completely happy with as an article. I would rather bring readers in for amazing articles we have (hopefully), and get them commenting, than draw a crowd just because I post a lot. Basically, I want to make sure I’m posting material I would want to read if it were on another blog.

I’m speaking only for myself with this as well and not for Kamui or Warren. Also, posting less doesn’t mean one article a month or anything either. With the holidays over, I will be getting back to the LGS to play games and have some battle reports like normal. I’ll get some WIP shots up again soon as well, though I think I’m only going to get those up when there’s something more significant to show for progress. I think I probably hurt myself with so many seemingly small updates with WIP articles.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling but it’s just something I wanted to put out there.

How’s your hobbying been going lately with the holidays?

  • I originally started out trying to post three times a week. That was nuts. Then I tried two times a week. Even that was a bit hard. Then Honda joined up, so I just post once, and he posts the other day…soooo much nicer. Gives me more flexibility!

    I think it helps when the blog is made up of a bunch of people, as they can all contribute and reduce the need to post for the sake of posting.

    • Having more authors helps for sure. Kamui is the only other regular author but still, knowing he’s got Monday covered (when life isn’t interfering), certainly makes life easier. JD and Warren toss an article up now and then to help as well.

      I’ve tried over the years taking on more authors and have just had no luck with it. It has either been a completely self-serving affair for them or they simply disappear on me. Finding good authors is not easy.

  • Taking a break is a good thing, I know I sometimes feel the same way about having an arbitrary number of posts. It can def be taxing. Take a break and I look forward to seeing what comes out.

    • That’s pretty well been my mindset lately. With the busy schedule around the holidays I didn’t let having no real material bother me. I figured it was a break, still is at this point really, and that it would only better serve me in the end.

      • Same here, with no time to play or paint really, I don’t have any material or inspiration. Its better not to post than to force it.

  • Nafnaf

    I havent got to that stage yet (too new to the game :D )but agree that sometimes life can be busy, and blogging and hobbying needs to take a back seat sometimes. Dont worry, we will still be here when you feel re-invigorated to blog about what you want :)

    • Thanks.

      Ah, it’s so easy when you’re new; so much to say.

  • A bathroom repair led to us doing a full renovation. Since that started I haven’t had time to read many blogs, let alone post! I am hoping to be finished with it by the end of next weekend so I can get back to some hobby time.

    • Luckily you bought a place in pretty good shape to start. I know the first four years Stacy and I had this place we did so much renovating. Every single room painted, kitchen gutted and redone, I created built-ins, etc. It was fun but I’m glad it’s over too.

  • Warren Falconer

    I have not been as naughty as I wish…I thought over vacation I would have time to do so much stuff, and in the end I spent most of my time playing with the kiddos. I have however just finished stuff up for some simple oil weathering on tanks so I plan to have a how to up on that next week. And I am currently figuring out my plans for this year for a boring ima do this post. My hope is to be more of a regular on here this year but we shall see how that goes. ;)

    • Blah, blah, blah, family, blah, blah, blah. Just kidding :)

      I’d love to see more regular stuff from you. You have such cool stuff you do that tips, techniques and tutorials on it would be awesome.

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