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Random: The Dark Gods Have Answered

Chaos - Dark GodsThis past weekend my wife and I had gone to see my in-laws. We were running around Saturday night and my wife asked to stop at Goodwill. I reluctantly agreed as I know she enjoys shopping there. I hate shopping. I’m one of those people who goes into a store to get what I want and leaves. She’s the opposite of that but she’s a big bargain shopper. The more she can save on an item the happier she is, so it could definitely be worse.

As a result of my dislike for shopping I sat in the vehicle while she went in. We learned long ago that I let my aversion of shopping radiate if I have to go in with her and it ruins her experience. It may not be fun for me but there’s no need for me to ruin it for her. So I sat and waited.

About 10-minutes go by and I see her standing in the door waving at me. She had not taken any money in with her so I knew I’d have to go in to pay for whatever she acquired. However, 10-minutes is a short trip for her so I figured she probably found something she wanted me to look at. With a resigned sigh I made my way into the store.

As I get through the door she thrusts out to me a couple of small boxes and says, “Look what I found!”

I look down and she’s holding two unopened boxes and two blister packs. In her hands was a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, Daemon Prince, Kharn the Betrayer and a Chaos Troll. To say I was shocked is an understatement. In all the years of her going to Goodwill, and me by proxy, she has never found any GW products.

As I continued to stare at the items, now in my hands, in disbelief she takes me to the aisle she found them at. She paws around the cluttered and disorganized shelf some more and produces an unopened blister of Abaddon the Dispoiler and Ahriman. A second later she says, “Jackpot!” and hands over a white container. Inside the container is a bunch of plastic models all unpainted and assembled, all Chaos Marines. The container is wrapped in plastic but I judge there to be at least 25 models in there, of which I see Berzerkers, Chaos Marines, a lone Biker and some metal model I can’t identify positively.

My wife leaves me with her findings and does some shopping for herself. A short time later we proceed to check out. After applying my wife’s 10% discount for having a Goodwill card the grand total of all the above findings is $20.

Once we arrive back at my in-laws I tear into the container of assorted models to see just what I have. Some of the models are cross-assembled, some Berzerker parts on Chaos Marines and vice versa, but all in all I find: 13 Berzerkers, 14 Chaos Marines (1 heavy bolter, 2 Aspiring Champions), 1 Biker, 1 Chaos Lord and a loose lascannon. To give a full tally, on top of that I also got: Daemon Prince, Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, Abaddon the Despoiler, Kharn the Betrayer, Ahriman and a Chaos Troll, all for $20.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was considering a new army, Chaos being top in that list, and the Dark Gods have answered. I have a fair amount of cleanup to do on the assembled models. Many appendages have been glued together with enough glue for four entire models. The mix of parts on Chaos Marines and Berzerkers needs to be resolved too. However, for the $20 I spent on the entire lot I can afford some time fixing stuff.

Oh, and of course a big thanks to my wife :)

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’tis a dark path you are venturing down… accepting gifts from the Dark Gods! 

Great find though! ;)

Thor's Wife
Thor's Wife

Tony’s feelings about shopping: It sucks. $185 worth of Warhammer 40k for ONLY $20- Guess its not so bad….this time!

Stealthy Stealth

I am often put in the same situation. One time my better half/babies momma/baby transport alpha/bta/big dog/the boss/love of my life… harvested some dark heresy graphic novels. When I told her of this find she only asked which goodwill.


lol, seriously awesome story.  I wish my wife shopped at Goodwill, though I’m not sure if she would have done the same for me if in a similar situation :-p


You’ve got a great find there!

And getting the models was good too!


Even with my weekly Goodwill runs in the Greater Portland area, I’ve only ever found one 40K item. A third edition Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbike…$2! Sold it for $12.

Dave G

rofl, that’s awesome man… the dark gods truly have listened to you.

Mark Mercer

Wicked man. I’m tempted to go back to Chaos myself ;)