Readers, What Social Network Do You Prefer?

I struggle with social media for the blog. I don’t spent a ton of time on social networks, and so I don’t have 900 “friends” to push articles out to on Facebook, or 2,000 followers on Twitter. I fully understand the power of social media, and to grow the readership here I need to finally tackle it.

To that end, I ask you, the readers, what your preferred social network is? I don’t have the time to bounce around to 10 different social sites to promote the blog. I would rather focus on one or two of them, and those would depend on where you all spend your time.

Please take a second to vote in the poll, and if you use a site not listed then please let me know in the comments. You can also select more than one answer.

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  • None of the above, really. I use Facebook, but don’t do a ton of War gaming on it because of the piss poor privacy settings and confusing news filters. I don’t need my great aunt chiming in on my 40K posts.

    • I’m pretty much the same way, which is why I really like Twitter. Facebook tends to be more family oriented where Twitter isn’t.

    • Zab

      But how freaked out would you be if she dropped in and was all: Grav guns FTW!

      Love Auntie

      Come on, you’d hide under your bed for a week!

  • I don’t really use any social media network for gaming stuff. Tend to stick to dedicated Forums and The Blogosphere for that.

    • I get the feeling that many of the readers here are much the same.

  • Zab

    I’m not really involved in any of those to any major degree. They strike me as being designed for those that are shallow and needy. Maybe if i ran a mini painting biz I would use them, but other than that i can’t see their use. now if they could combine YouTube Twitter and Facebook into one massive tool called youtwitface I would be first in line!

    • I use the ones I do mostly as an aggregator. Get all my info in one spot. I don’t use them all that much for personal stuff. Still, YouTwitFace would be cool ;)

  • I use them all at the moment. However, I try to keep Facebook for actual friends and use the Sprue Grey page just for gaming stuff. Twitter is more or less just gaming but I am finding more attention is on Instagram and to a lesser extent Pinterest.
    Google+ is a weird beastie and I’ve only given it a cursory glance but stuff on Google+ seems to rank highly in Google search results.
    I guess that’s the approach of someone trying to build a brand so they can quit work and just do hobby!

    • I use most of the ones listed but to varying degrees. However, yes, if trying to make a living off this then you have to work with them all. I’m not though so would rather just stick to a select few.

      G+ had so much potential but it just didn’t take off. I prefer it to an FB alternative and it does indeed rank well in Google…go figure ;)

  • I have a preference for FB mainly for convenience and I accepted a long time ago that I was representing myself on the internet. Twitter is fine too, I’m there a little, but there’s too much to keep track of on there. Some communities have big G+ presences but as I’m not doing this full time I can’t be bothered to spend time over there.

    • Overall I’ve found FB to have the best return. Not from my page though, but from utilizing the groups there. The groups are annoying, things move very quickly, but it works if you get in there at the right time. I prefer Twitter, bit more my style, and it does well for me as well. G+ does well also, but as you said, we’re not exactly getting paid for this, so my time can only be split so many ways.

      • That’s the thing about social media.. the groups can be very useful, but to reference Fight Club, it’s single-serving traffic. I can drop a story on a couple FB groups, Reddit, Twitter and about once a month Privateer Press RTs one of my past articles, multiple times sometimes, and these things will cause large influxes of traffic… but then after a few days everything normalizes again and I don’t see any lasting traffic increase.

        • Agreed and the major reason I don’t invest a ton of time into social media. I would rather get a few new regular readers slowly over time than get a flood of people who look and leave.

          • I’ve put some thought into this recently. I’m part of a number of wargaming groups on Facebook and see the same questions asked over and over. Some people flat out saying they don’t feel like searching for the answer. What is it about this behavior? The information is out there and far more accurate I’d say than the slew of answers I see given. Most people sign off and say they’ll try something after an answer or two so it’s not like they’re trying to get community feedback.

            • It’s the nature of the current generation, plus what technology has turned our society into. On the former, when we grew up we had to learn how technology worked. It was new, exciting but we had nobody to teach us. We dissected, observed and learned. We not only know how to use technology, we understand how it works. Our generation learned how to find the answers because we had to find them.

              The current generation has never had to understand how something works because someone is always willing to simply give an answer. Ask and they receive. They don’t care to know why the answer is what it is, they just want it. So, why look for an answer, seek out the solution, when someone will always give it to you anyway?

              Technology has spoiled society much the same. Instead of using the tools available as a result of technology – like the fact nearly any answer you need is out there, they just jump on social media platforms and ask, even when their answer is in front of them. This isn’t restricted to the younger generations either, which is why I look at it separately. People would rather take the one minute to post a question, and wait however long for an answer, than take what would be an equal amount of time to find the answer themselves because they are lazy.

              Ever see the movie Idiocracy? That’s where I see the world in another 20 years.

  • I mostly use twitter for my gaming stuff as I can easily create a different profile just for #warmongers. On my blog I found the most referrals were coming from G+ while I shared posts into some of the groups there, but got little interaction from those referrals. I also don’t use FB for the same reason as TheRhino – hard to separate my hobby from the rest of my life.

    • Man, all social networks are that way in regards to generating a TON of traffic but it’s all superficial. It seems to me that people feel that their social network is the only “site” worth their time. They might click a link periodically, but rarely (if ever), will they return to your site of their own accord because they enjoyed it. If it’s not in their social feed then it may as well not exist.

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