Reading Comprehension

Reading ComprehensionHi. My name is Thor and I have a problem. I fail at reading comprehension.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

Oh, the countless times reading comprehension has caused me to lose a game. I have nobody to blame but myself either. I’d like to think that generally speaking I do well with reading comprehension, probably very well actually. However, when it comes to routine things I tend to glance over stuff. I think, I’ve done this enough times to know how it works, I’ll just look for what’s different this time. The problem comes in when there’s a bunch of different stuff. Sure, I’ll notice all the different stuff but my brain doesn’t always make the connection between all the different stuff.

Obviously I must have an example if I’m bothering to post this, right? Of course! We’ve been doing a campaign at the shop that’s Imperials vs Xenos and it’s been a lot of fun. Each week we get a mission to play and they’re written by Dave, an employee there. So far the missions have been pretty standard, no big deviations from normal missions. Last night, however, the mission had three very different elements from a routine mission. I caught what they were but I did not realize that each of those three different elements were required for a massacre victory until turn #4. I played more than half the game more-or-less blindly, working on assumptions because I failed to comprehend exactly what was required.

That, of course, is not the only time this has happened to me. Normally it comes up at tournaments where the missions are completely new to me, or even Battle Missions for the same reason. So, I’m taking that first step and admitting I have a problem so that I can begin to work on overcoming it. This is my blog I’m posting this on, right? I just clicked New Post like usual and assumed it was my blog…

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