Real Life Strikes Again: The Great Purge

to-do-list-padHello all,

Not much to post this week.  I managed to cast enough track plates to make a mold of a 12 link run but I haven’t made that mold yet.  My wife and I decided to seriously consider selling our house so we’ve been working our way through the years of accumulated junk in the basement.  We’re sorting everything into keep, ebay, donate, and trash in the effort to reduce the clutter and hammer what remains into a presentable pile.  If we do sell then everything we keep is something we have to move.  If we don’t sell at least we’ll have a much nicer basement!

It’s good to go through your stuff every now and then and really think about what you need.  I dug up a minivan-load of styrofoam, cardboard, empty sprue, and assorted random stuff I’d accumulated over the years with the intent of making terrain.  It’s been clogging up a significant portion of my space and in the end it’s maybe $50 worth of materials.  Better to be free of it instead of being constantly reminded of projects I might do some day.  I kept enough terrain to throw down a game and chucked everything else.  When I am actually ready to make some new terrain I’ll pick up some fresh, clean materials and follow my vision instead of trying to shoehorn random accumulations.

Another upshot is anything I sell on ebay I can use toward new hobby stuffs!  There are a few things I’d like to pick up for the Rebel Grots.  Not to mention that new Eldar release coming up.  Not that I really need more models to paint.  I already have enough Eldar models to field a sizable army so I probably won’t need to buy any more but I will need a new codex and probably some new paints.  When the new book drops I can take a look at what I’ve got and how it fits together.  I don’t want to let it distract me from the Rebels but I am excited to see what we get.  I figure I can let it settle into the community for a bit while I work on grots and tanks, then I can slowly work my Eldar back together starting as allies to (manipulators of) my “IG” or “Space Wolves.”  In the mean time I’ll finish the core of my Rebel Grots army.

In the past few years I’ve become much better at focusing on set goals for my armies.  Sure, I still project hop a bit but for the most part I’ve been able to focus on a single army long enough to get a core force finished up.  Still, as I switch from one army to the next I do tend to leave some projects half finished and scattered about.  While I’m cleaning up the basement I’m also sorting out these items to clear up space.  Getting them packed away will also clear up distractions so that I can better focus on the unit at hand.  Although I expect to have a reduced amount of hobby time over the next few weeks I hope to make up for some lost time by being more efficient in the time that I have.

This week I plan to make a mold so I can start casting runs of tank tracks.  Then I can tread the first Basilisk.  If I can find the time I’ll also work on detailing the Basilisk.  With a little luck I’ll have some pictures to show off next week.

Thanks for reading!

  • Working to make your hobby life better isn’t a bad thing. I’m slowly starting to amass some stuff I need to go through soon.

    You’ve definitely been way more focused than before and blogging has seemed to help hone the focus a bit. It’s one reason I do it as well and I need to get back to it once this event is over Saturday. As much as I’m looking forward to it, I’ll also be glad when it’s over.

    • Trying to get at least one blog post per week means trying to have something worth posting at least once a week. It definitely adds a little motivation.

      Putting together an event like that quickly becomes an all-consuming task. With a little luck it will go well and you’ll come out of it inspired to start creating again.

      • I’m with you; blogging helps promote productivity.

        You looking in the Portland area if you decide to sell?

        • Yes, probably in the Deering school district. There’s a good chance we’ll end up in her parents’ house temporarily.

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