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In my last few posts I’ve been pondering the possibilities of allies for the Reavers, my counts-as Space Wolves army.  So far I’ve considered Space Marines and Eldar.  Now Ill look at the possibilities presented by Imperial Guard.  This is an army with a lot to offer as an allied force and I’m sure many are considering the possibilities.  Imperial Guard Allies: Fluff

The Reavers share their space hulk Nidhogg with thousands of refugees who call themselves the Forsuttenstam.  The Forsuttenstam live in frontier settlements scattered throughout the explored regions of the space hulk, connected by a network of passages that radiate outward from the point where the Reavers made their first landing upon Nidhogg.  The oldest settlements, nearest the hub, are primarily focused on industrial production.  These manufacturing centers help supply equipment and manufactured goods to both the Reavers and the settlements outside the hub.  The largest settlements outside the hub are located in areas where resources have been discovered.  These range from stores of ancient equipment ripe for salvage to huge algae pits from which edible, if not palatable, nutrition blocks are refined.  Farthest out are the frontier towns that act as staging points for the teams that forge ever deeper into the space hulk.

The unexplored outer reaches of the space hulk are wild – full of strange mutated creatures, roving bands of ork raiders, and worse.  The frontier towns and the supply routes that connect them are dangerous places where vigilance and violence are necessary for daily survival.  Expedition teams venture past the frontiers into the vast wastes of Nidhogg in search of resources to be plundered and areas suitable for settlements.  When they come of age it is customary for the Forsuttenstam youths to move to the frontier to prove themselves as warriors.  Many will tire of this constant violence, or become permanently injured as a result of it, and settle into the industrial lifestyle of the inner settlements but from this crucible many fierce warriors are forged.  The mightiest of these will earn the honor of induction into the Reavers, far more of them will be recruited into the military defense force that fight alongside the Reavers and police the settlements.

Like the Reavers they fight beside these soldiers are adept at lightning raids, ship-to-ship battles, and tunnel fighting.  They also engage in the static defense of the border towns to fend of rampaging bands of orks and mutants.  They man the defense batteries that have been erected upon the surface of Nidhogg and pilot many of the smaller craft that support the Reavers raids.

Imperial Guard Allies: Unit Considerations

The defense force is likely to be employed when the Reavers require air support, static weapons batteries, or greater weight of bodies.  With more numerous hands available to limber equipment for withdrawal, the Reavers are able to commit their heavier guns and vehicles with less risk of having to leave them behind.

Given the lack of flyer/anti-flyer support available to the Space Wolves, this is one of the first things that I would be looking to gain from Imperial Guard allies.  A command squad and  one troop would satisfy the basic requirements to unlock a squadron of Valkyries/Vendettas.

For troops I could use Penal Legionnaires to represent wild frontier warriors, or Veteran squads to represent more disciplined strike squads.  Either of these choices could start aboard the flyers to be inserted later on in the game, after the Reavers have cleared an area for them to land.  I could also add an infantry platoon for access to cheap bodies to man an Aegis Defense Line and plenty of heavy weapons to pound the enemy from afar.

Heavy Support isn’t really what I’m looking for initially, but I have always liked the IG tanks.  Farther down the road it would be fun to add a Leman Russ or Ordinance squadron would give me some nice back-line ordinance.  Once I sink this much into the guard though, I might be looking at a guard army with allied Space Wolves.

In all, IG offers a lot of opportunities to fill in the few gaps in the Space Wolf codex.  From a competitive standpoint it might be the strongest of the three I’ve considered.  From an aesthetic standpoint it would provide a nice contrast to the rest of my army and an opportunity to work on models much different from what I’ve been working on.  Of the three, this is also the option that requires me to buy the most models as I don’t currently own any guard.  So I’ll probably start working some Eldar into the list, and start saving some cash for those guard models…





  • You can’t go wrong with IG. It’s a great army in terms of options and modeling and painting. You can really do damn near anything with them. It’s an option I’m considering as well and like you, I don’t own any either. I’m holding off on the Chaos codex though before I buy anything non-Chaos.

    • For now the Eldar will be my go-to allies because I have the models, and I could use the excuse to start painting some Eldar. Unless an Eldar codex comes out soon I’ll probably start working on some IG allies this fall.

  • JustHippie

    I thought about it too. Valkyrie/vendetta is soooo good. It would mean a bunch of purchases for me as well. Like Thor I am holding out for Chaos codex till I commit to allies since they are my only Brothers option.

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