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Reavers Hobby: Wolf Lord Conversion WIP

I’ve been play testing some wolf lord builds and I have been very happy with the Storm Shield and Wolf Claw combo in power armor.  The 4 or 5 claw attacks at I5 have proven effective at chewing down enemies before they get a chance to strike, and the 3+ invulnerable has helped him survive those that are left.  So far he’s chewed through more than enough to justify his cost.  At 150 points I think he’s well worth it.  When I’m squeezed for points I can field him as the cheaper, if slightly less effective, Battle Leader.  When I’ve got some extra points I can upgrade him with runic armor and a saga. I magnetized his back pack so I can give him a jump pack when I want him to join my blood claws and wolf priest.  On to the model:

As the Reavers live on a space hulk I imagine they’ve had plenty of encounters with genestealers and possibly other ‘nid creatures.  I also play a lot of games against a friend who plays Tyranids.  So I wanted to give my wolf lord a claw with blades carved from scything talons and adorned with some tyranid plate.  It’s a battle trophy that helps him gather more battle trophies!  I started out with a plasma pistol hand.  I removed the pistol and bulked up the hand with some styrene sheet.  I carved the talons from styrene rod and glued them in place, then added the tyranid plate to the back.  Finally, I filled in the details with some green stuff:


I also wanted him to have a different shield than the one that comes with the kit.  I took one from the Dark Elf Cold One Knights box (that I bought to use as Thunderwolf Mounts) and started bulking it up with green stuff.  I attached it to a chainsword arm to create a pose that looks like he’s deflecting a blow or delivering one with the shield.  The shield is bladed along the bottom so I envision him using it as a power weapon as much as a defensive weapon.  As you can see I’ve used bits from a couple of kits for the rest of him:

I’m happy with him so far.  The shield still needs some work to look like a storm shield and I’m planning to add some runes/plating to his armor.

Update: You can see the painted Wolf Lord showcase.

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Reavers Hobby: Wolf Lord Conversion WIP
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Looking good. He’s a bit of everything: Dark Elves, Dark Angels, Tyranids, Vanilla Command Squad and Space Wolves. Great kit-bash.


Great job sculpting his larger fist to accommodate the powerclaws. It looks amazing!

Ron, From the Warp