Reavers pics: Skyclaw and Thunderwolf Cavlary WIP

Hello all,

Just a brief update on my current projects.  I wanted to add a couple of fast moving units to my army so I’ve been working on a unit of Skyclaws and some Thunderwolf Cavalry.  The oldest Reavers still wear the armor they wore as Space Wolves and have allowed the original chapter colors to wear off.  They will not repaint in the original colors until they have regained their honor and rejoined the Space Wolves, but in deference to their origin they will not repaint their armor in the adopted red of the Reavers.  However, to prevent corrosion during storage the artificers paint new and reconditioned parts.  New recruits are given armor with a nice, clean coat of red but following the example of their elders most new Reavers also allow this paint to wear.  By the time a Blood Claw, Sky Claw, or Swift Claw has earned his place amongst the Grey Hunters his suit will have lost most if not all of the original paint.

I’ve currently got ten in various stages of painting plus a wolf priest and wolf lord to join them.  There’s nothing exciting about the WIP so I’ll post pics of the unit when it’s complete.  For now here are pics of the test model to show the color scheme I’m using, although he still needs his pack markings:





“By Loki’s beard!  What is that foul creature?”

“I don’t know, but it look big enough to ride…”

Although the Reavers have been able to maintain a population of wolves descended from the Fenrisian wolves brought along on the original campaign for Herjolfsnes, they have not had the same success with Thunderwolves, who are too far ranging and territorial to coexist in the confines of their space hulk, Niddhogg.  They have come across a large lizard-like species that they’ve dubbed “wyrms.”  These wyrms have adapted to many of the hostile environments found within Niddhogg.  Their thick skin and armor like scales protect them from extreme temperature ranges, caustic chemicals, and weapons of their competitors.  Their claws are powerful enough to quickly tear through bulkheads in pursuit of prey.  They are fiercely cunning and loyal pack hunters.  Typically they are captured in groups; once one has been taken it is nearly impossible to escape with it without having to kill or capture the rest of it’s hunting pack.  For this reason packs of Wyrm Riders typically all ride members of the same original Wyrm pack.

I’m using the mounts from a box of Dark Elf Cold One Knights and modifying Space Wolf models for the riders.  I figure the scaly hide of the beast is enough to turn aside many weapons but I’m adding some extra armor to them using green stuff.  Here’s the first one in progress:

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That Skyclaw is looking good. I like the weathering on the red and the use of black on there to break up the scheme. I dig what you’re doing with the fluff too. Always cool to see fluff reflected in the paint schemes like that.